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Lorelei Storm isn't the same since she has returned from Limbo.  A dark and powerful magic rests under her skin and she fears it as much as she craves it.  As much as she tries to keep this a secret from her friends, she no longer can hide her magic when a terrible accident happens. Fearing that she will hurt the ones she cares about, she flees, only to be captured by an Elshire Scout and taken as prisoner. But Lorelei quickly finds out the young man holds a power of his own, and if she must, she will use her enemy to learn how to control her magic.

Kane Blackwater is still hunting for Dominic Rove, who vanished after the Trials without a trace. Fearing that he'll never find him, desperation clouds his mind, causing him to lose what he has grown to hold most precious. On a mission to bring back what he has lost and right what he did wrong, Kane makes a deal with the Ruin Witch that could end the Blackwater line if he fails.

Csilla Abado has a full plate after becoming the first Queen of Bones. While searching for Lorelei, hunting for Dominic Rove, and recruiting new crews to the cause,  she must also find a way to mend the lingering crack between Limbo and the mortal realm.  Dark creatures are spilling through, threatening more than just the island kingdom, and the group takes sail to seek out allies from across the world in order to stop it. Csilla takes every mission head-on with the help of her friends, but her sister's death has changed her and if she doesn't learn to let go, she could end up alone in her fight.

As the war between gods and mortals builds in crescendo, Csilla, Kane and Lorelei must not only protect their world from destruction, but also protect their hearts from looming devastation.

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