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it was in the middle of the lunch break when his mom called him, saying that his little brother is in the hospital right now because of a high fever. he then immediately put all his things into his bag, making doyeon and jisung confused by him.

"jisung, i need to go to busan right now. my brother is in the hospital and i need to see him."

doyeon snapped her chin up and looked at him in worried, "kwangmin is in the hospital? what happened?"

"he has a high fever and mom said it's pretty bad for him, knowing that he has to stay in the hospital." youngmin trailed off in fast as he slings his bag over his shoulder before he grabs doyeon's hand, "come with me, he'd be so happy to see you there."

she looked over to jisung, finding him nodding his head in approval. she pressed her lips into a thin line and pats his hand that holding her hand gently, "i'll take my bag."

his family and doyeon have a close relationship to one and another, and so is youngmin to her parents and her big sister before they breakup. and kwangmin, his little brother, was the closest one to her. every time doyeon came over to youngmin's house, she'd play with him all the time. she'd also help his mother to get kwangmin take a nap since he listens well to her and sometimes, they'd ended up sleeping together on youngmin's room, the three of them.

after the breakup, his big brother scolded him a lot for letting her go, his little brother ignored him for almost a week after he told him that doyeon wouldn't be coming over again and his parents, well, he didn't say anything to them, but they knew that they weren't together anymore and they weren't happy with that, especially he became a quite rebel after that.


as they wait for the train, youngmin kept on lowering his head, praying for his little brother's health. doyeon knew how much he cares for his family, seeing him like this definitely make her feel sad as well, especially when she used to have a close relationship with them.

"hey, i bought your favorite lemon tea." she took a seat beside him and handed him the lemon tea, the same lemon tea that he gave her on their first meeting. he raised his head to her direction and smiled a little while mouthing a thank you.

youngmin laid his back to his seat and sighed before he took a sip of his drink. she tapped his thigh to make him look at her as she looked at him with a smile on her lips, "hey, do you think he still remembers me?" she tilted her head.

he turned his body to face her while nodding his head that his palm holding it from the side. "everyone still remembers you, doyeon. i meant, they pretty much ignored me after our incident because they loved you more than they loved me, i guess."

she puffed her cheeks, holding in her big smile knowing his family is on her side. "you deserved that, im youngmin." she half-joked half-stated which made him scoffed in a playful manner.

"wow, i thought we're fine now?"

she moved her head away from his direction and shrugged her shoulders for the respond of his questions. well, it can't be helped by the fact they have somehow attached to each other again. however, youngmin knew that she hasn't fully opened her heart to him again, and the probability for her to open her heart for him is very low.

the train arrived in between their silences, they immediately went inside and youngmin let her took a seat beside the window. the train took approximately 2 hours to reach busan and in that 2 hours, they shared some stories before doyeon fell asleep. he slowly puts his arm around her and placed her head on his shoulder and she knew it. instead of pulling her head from his shoulder, she buried her face on his nape, like she always did before.

he stroked her long hair as she sleeps soundly and sighed. if only i didn't let her go, i'd be the happiest man on earth.


"i feel so nervous about meeting your family."

"like the first time?" doyeon rolled her eyes and ignored him although what he said it's true.

it has been five years since the last time they met and their perception of her might change by then. he opened the door, finding his family looking at him with a big smile on their faces, even kwangmin. seems like he hasn't gone home for a quite time, doyeon thought as she closed the door behind her and followed him in silence.

the first person she made an eye-contact with was his mom, who gasped at the sight as if she just see her own daughter. doyeon bowed her head a little and his mom attacked her with a big tight hug. she was shocked for a second by the sudden hug before hugging her back as tight as her. "my pretty doyeon." she pulled away and placed both of her palms on doyeon's face with a big smile on her face.

his mother held into doyeon's hand and took her to meet the other family members. instead of feeling less nervous, she felt the otherwise, especially when both his dad and his big brother looking at her in shock. "look, look, who's here with us again? kwangmin-ah, your favorite noona is here."

kwangmin peeked from youngmin's shoulder and gasped before looking at his big brother, "d-doyeon noona? wait– hyung! you said i wouldn't see her again!"

youngmin only rubbed his nape when doyeon stretched her arms widely to hug the little one with her best hug which made youngmin jealous over his brother for a moment. she ruffled his hair with a giggle before showering him with a lot of care.

"son, i thought you weren't together anymore." his father whispered in his ear with his arms crossing in front of his chest.

"we still are not together, dad." he explained in a low voice, "but then we meet again and yeah, this happened. however, i don't think she's going to take me back. so don't get your hopes high."

his father gave him a pat on his shoulder while smiling at the sight of doyeon, his wife, and his youngest son, talking and laughing together. he then looked at youngmin and grabbed into his shoulder tightly, "fight for her, son."

"i'm trying."

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