25| Surprise and Stupidity

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He was waiting for me when I finished my shift the next day, standing in all his dangerous glory under the darkness of the evening sky. If it wasn't for the light of the streetlamp shining directly down on him, he would have easily blended into the shadows and I could have easily walked home without him ruining the rest of my night. Instead, he was leaning against the side of his Mercedes, dressed in all black and wrapped in leather, his phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

If I didn't know any better I would have thought he was the grim reaper ready to take my soul, but I did know better—and I knew that sometimes there were worse things than death, and those things always tended to come in the form of men demanding things they had no right to.

My heart stopped beating when he lifted his head, his eyes gleaming like silver when they caught me watching him, igniting with an energy so dark that it speared through my chest. For a moment I stood there dumbfounded, wondering what he had done today—wondering how many innocent people he had harmed, wondering how much blood he had spilt on a lost cause, but most of all wondering why he had ended up in front of me again.

He straightened his spine as his attention fell on me, his gaze dragging appreciatively down my body with something more than desire—almost as if he was checking me for any damage in the action of lusting over me at the same time. He tucked his phone into his pocket when he was done with his assessment of me, throwing the remainder of his cigarette onto the ground as he stomped out the embers with his foot, his lips stretching into an arrogant smirk.

"What a coincidence it is to see you here," he said cleverly, as if he didn't know exactly when my shifts started and ended. Regardless, I shook my head at him in response as I shoved my hands into the pockets of my coat.

Nope. Absolutely-fucking-not.

Ruining my life whilst I was at work was one thing, but to do it after my shift had ended was something much more evil. All I wanted to do was to go home, to bask in the relief of the little freedom I had left, but I knew that with everything that ever involved him—like always—it would take a turn for the worse.

"Ouch," He sucked in a loud breath, mocking my coldness towards him. "And here I thought you'd be happy to see me. I thought we were finally getting along." His smirk didn't waver as he teased me like this was all some sort of joke.

I clenched my hands into fists inside my pockets, taking in a deep breath to stop my frustration from flaring too quickly, pursing my lips together in an attempt to ignore his insistence. My tiredness made me irritable, and my inability to control my irritation was the reason for many of the hardships I faced with him, but this time I wasn't going to fall for it. This time I wasn't going to give him the argument he wanted, instead I was going to stay silent until he got whatever he wanted from me out of his system.

He took a purposeful step towards me when I didn't make an effort to move, which was a fault of my own. I knew that I needed to walk away from him, but it was like my brain was stuck on static as I watched him.

"I, on the other hand—" The humour dancing in his gaze dissipated slowly, a serious look suddenly covering his face. "Will admit that my day was very dull without you in it."

My heart lulled with his confession and despite everything, I took pride in it.

The magnetic force between us was beginning to pull me in, tightening around my most sensitive parts and if it wasn't for my own self-awareness, I knew I would have walked right into his bloody trap.

"That's nice," I told him, taking a step off the perch I was standing on. "I'm going to leave now, I hope you have a better evening," I said politely, ignoring his surprised laugh in a bid to get away from him.

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