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she spent her day in busan by helping youngmin's family, mostly her mother with folding some kwangmin's clothes, just like the old times. she places the last clothes on top of the pile before stretching her arms in the air.

"are you going to spend a night in busan?" his mom asked with a glint of hoping in her tone.

doyeon pouted her lower lips to the front and shrugged her shoulders, "i don't know, we haven't bought a ticket to seoul. i'll ask sun–" she closed her eyes for a second, "i'll ask youngmin oppa about it."

his mother placed a hand on top of hers, looking at her with a frown on her lips. "you should stay for a night at least." she demanded with a soft tone that she couldn't say no to. doyeon bites her lips, looking up at youngmin, who was talking to his father, then looking back to his mother while nodding her head with a small smile. "that's great. youngmin-ah, you're staying tonight okay?"

youngmin snapped his head to his mother, "eh? what about doyeon?"

"doyeon is also staying with us tonight."

he knitted his eyebrows, turning his head to the girl, who was just nodding her head lightly. his mom must use her frown power, something that everyone in the family couldn't help but said yes to her when she used that. but on the other side, he'd like to thank his mother, for at least, he could stay with her longer. god knows how hard to get close to her if they're in seoul although the tension between them has become warmer.


doyeon stopped her track in front of his house that hasn't really changed in the past five years. the memories of their relationship are coming back to her head every time she took another step toward the house. his father unlocked the door, letting her walk in first with his wife, who's still excited about doyeon's presence in the family now.

"you can sleep in kwangmin's room tonight and i'll spare you some clothes later."

she gave her a thumb up and cheeky smile, "thank you, auntie! i'll go upstairs first, then?" she told her, "youngmin oppa, come with me."

youngmin choked on his water as he heard doyeon calling him oppa for the first time in five years. he wiped the water from his mouth, staring at her in shock. he should be happy that she finally called him oppa again, but that was so unexpected and he's not ready for it. she covered her mouth from laughing at the sight of him choking while she waves her other hand in inviting motion.

he excused himself from his parents, grabbing her hand that was waving at him before pulling her with him to upstairs. as they reach the second floor, she stopped to look at the photo of his childhood that she always laughed at. "whoa so bright." she mumbles between her chuckles, pointing her finger on his forehead in the picture.

youngmin knew exactly what's going to happen next, she'd check him from head to toe, then moves his bangs to the back and laughs even harder.

and he was right, which was shocking, that she did that without hesitating. right then, she was laughing at his forehead that she sweeps to the back, combing it down with her fingers with a chuckle as she did. "still bright."

their hands are still intertwined with each other even when they reached the front of kwangmin's room, "you should just sleep in my room." he suggested, smiling cheekily as he swayed their hands. she rolled her eyes and pulled her hand away from him as she realized.

"your girls must be jealous if i sleep in your room." she leans to the door, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"funny," he paused, "because the only girl i ever bring home is only you."

doyeon gulped at his response, but still, managed to keep her guard up. "still, i don't want to share a bed with you."

"said someone who used to hug me tightly every time she fell asleep on my bed either because she's sleepy or tired after our s-" she hits his head before he completed his sentence. youngmin rubbed his head that she hit with a shrug while turning his heel away from her. " jeez, let's just hope that the cockroaches in kwangmin's room won't fly at you."

by that both of them walked into each room and doyeon couldn't help but wonders if there is really a cockroach in this room. she hates cockroach and he knew that. she tiptoed carefully as she walked to his table, putting down her bag and accessories there, and took a seat on the chair while looking down to the floor, checking every side of it.

"nah there isn't–" and maybe it's too soon for doyeon to say that.


"i hate you."

youngmin swirled his chair to her direction. "what did i do except lying to you?"

she tilted her head, wondering what he did wrong except lying to her back then, and except that, he never really did something bad to her. the only had little fights and it only took them a day or two to forgive each other, but for that incident, it was just something that she couldn't just forget and forgive. she frowned and stared at him in annoyed as she laid her back on his bed while staring at the ceiling in silence.


"hm?" she replied, curtly.

"do you want to travel back in time?"


and by he meant to travel back in time was going to their high school at freaking ten o'clock in the evening. she puts her hands on his jacket that she borrowed, looking at her surrounding as she did. youngmin poked her shoulder, pointing his thumb to the snack place that they mostly had a date there.

"want to grab some foods?" she nodded her head and follows him entering the place. everything around her didn't change that much.

the place, the smell, the furniture, and the person she grab some foods here with, are the same, except the fact that they came to this place again as ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend. she stared blankly at him, sweeping his bangs from his eyes as he slurped his ramen before she glanced away, ignoring his surprised stare.

doyeon hates everything that's happening inside her mind and heart now. she hates the fact that she becomes attached to him again. she hates the fact that he wouldn't leave her alone like before. she hates the fact that he always there. she hates the fact that she couldn't really remove him from her mind when she thought she already did ages ago. she really needs to keep her guard strong, she needs to prevent herself from falling to the same hole, but at the same time, she couldn't help but hoping he won't leave her side.

"kim doyeon!" she jumped in shock by his voice. she knitted her eyebrows as she turned her head to him, "are you going to ignore me again?"

"wait, you were talking to me?"

youngmin rolled his eyes, waving his hand in front of his face. "forget it, forget it, forget it." he chanted, stealing her food that she doesn't realize when did it even arrives. she slapped his hand away in a playful manner before putting the food that he was about to steal into her mouth.

"ya i'll be the one who paid this so give me o-"

she cut him by feeding him the tteokbokki with the sauce all over his lips now. she takes a napkin and gives it to him, telling him to wipe his lips indirectly, but instead he leans closer for her to wipe it off from his face.

"oh my god, you're such a baby." she snorted at him while wiping his mouth.

"yeah, kim doyeon's baby."

"you wish."

"i wish." me too.



anyway hope you like this. im trying to make a fluffy chapter since doyeon is start to coughs falling coughs or not coughs guess it coughs AND YEAH. maybe next chapter would be hella fluff or it might also be hella emo BECAUSE IM SO EMO

bye i love you all!!! and i think this is the longest chapter i made. what do you think???

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