Wait, What?

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"Tikki Spots Off"

Marinette sighed as the transformation wore off.
She smiled and handed Tikki a cookie, who then flew into her purse respectively, as they were in the park.

The Akuma was bad enough this time. A woman, mad at her future for some reason, Marinette dosent snoop, had showed glimpses of peoples futures. Marinette Luckily didnt get hit, but Chat did. She wondered what he saw, but it didnt matter. What mattered is that she got the akuma.

Chat seemend so happy at whatever he saw, thats for sure. The silly cat.

Marinette was walking toward her bakery, when she looked at the statue of Chat Noir and Ladybug. She smiled. Being ladybug has definately changed her future. For one, she may be getting better sleep.

She was looking the statue when inspiration hit. She quickly grabbed her notebook and sat on the bench, drawing furiously.

It was nightfall by the time she realized she should head home. Tikki had to pinch her, literally.

She quickly grabbed her notebook and threw it in her bag. She ran towards the bakery, but stopped.

Her superhero instincts kicked in. She clenched her fists, looking around the dark park.

"Tikki, somethings off." She said, opening the purse.

"Marinette! Look Up!" Tikki gasped.

She turned her head up. There was a bright light.

"Should we Run?" Marinette asked Tikki, not diverting her gaze from the light. She squinted as it suddenly flashed brightly, and dimmend.

"AHHHHH!!!" She gasped as she saw 3 people, kids, falling.

And they landed on her, painfully.

"oooww." She groaned.

"Hey! Thanks Miss for coushioning our fall!"  A little boy, no older than 10, with an almost orange hair with green eyes.

"Well get off her!" Yelled the other, a girl, with blonde hair in high pig tails, and blonde hair.

"Im getting off, geez sis." A boy with bright, blueish hair and blue eyes groaned, scrambling off and helping his siblings.

"Really sorry miss for squishing you." The blue haired boy said, shurgging. His eyes widened as he got a good look at Marinette.

"Okay, wait a minute who are you!" Marinette shouted.

"Im Hugo," The oldest, blue haired kid said.

"Im Emma," Said the blonde haired girl.

"And Im Louise." The little, nearly orange haired boy said.

"Wahhh?" Marinette said.

"And you, Marinette, are our Mom. We came from the future under Master Fu's order to help you and Dad."

"Wait what?" Tikki yelled, flying out, saying the same thing as Marinette, both shocked.

"Hehe.." Emma giggled nervously.

Oooh what will happen next? What did Chat see in the future?
Why did Emma, Hugo, and Louise come from the future?
All will be revealed in time..

Or not cuz Imma troll.


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