Jun 22, 2017 - Featured Stories

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Hey everyone!

There are some changes coming to the Featured List to help update it and make it even better at promoting content across Wattpad.

The biggest change is that content will only be featured for a limited period of time, up to one month at most. When a few stories are featured in a category at a time, they get maximum exposure, as opposed to shuffling around with hundreds of stories.

The next change is that featured stories no longer have to be completed. A story can be featured while it is still ongoing and being updated. Many stories experience their growth as they are written and posted, so we want to help promote that growth as it happens. We also know that fans cheering you on helps as motivation to write, so we want to direct more potential fans to more ongoing stories.

With these two changes comes an end to the application process. We understand that for many users, this was a confusing process, and for others it wasn't easily discoverable. We will be selecting stories across Wattpad to feature. The frequency and volume of stories selected by Wattpad for featuring is up to our discretion, and writers will receive a notification when the spotlight is on them. If you would like to help us find you, just tag your story with #featured. Tagging your story does not guarantee you will be selected and stories without the tag will still be considered.

On July 23rd, the English featured lists will be reset. Previously featured stories will be removed and they will be eligible to be featured again under the new rules.

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