Eli & Aeryn

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So this 'story' is going to be written entirely through the speech of Eli and Aeryn.  It's a bit different [I think, well, I haven't seen it anywhere else] and I hope you like it.

Dedicated to EmilyTheReader [I swear she has a dedication on everything I've done] for being a great human being who I love, and for always giving her thoughts on my covers before I use them.

Edit - 20/04/14 - There's been some confusion with the way I've written this. Eli is a boy [pronounced ee-lie], Aeryn is a girl [pronounced air-in].  Their conversation alternates. I will usually incorporate a name into their conversation so it's easier to tell who is who, but my aim was for it to be figured out by learning their personalities. Sorry if this sounds rude, but you're going to have you use your brains a little, lean on girl/boy stereotypes [although that is somewhat sexist] and remember how they talk. If it gets too confusing, however, please tell me. :)

Edit - 26/05/16 - two years later and I'm finally listening to you guys, adding A & E to the front of all the speech so that it's super clear who is who. If this is your first time reading, I guess you're lucky. xD

Began writing: March 23rd 2014

Completed: December 1st 2014


E: "So I guess we're working on this project together."

A: "I guess so."

E: "My name is Eli."

A: "I know."

E: "You know?"

A: "Everybody knows."

E: "Okay. Well, do you have a name?"

A: "Yes."

E: "Would you like to tell me your name?"

A: "Not really."

E: "I'm going to need to know your name if we're going to do this project together."

A: "You seriously don't know?"

E: "Should I?"

A: "We share this class and there's this thing called the register when names are-"

E: "Yes, well."

A: "It's Aeryn."

E: "Aeryn?"

A: "Aeryn."

E: "Well, Aeryn. Has anyone ever told you that you're impossible to talk to?"

A: "Yes."

E: "Okay."

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