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youngmin woke up alone in his room when doyeon supposed to be sleeping beside him and of course, there is a pillow between them to prevent youngmin from coming to her because she knew how clingy he is, she told him last night before they went to bed and youngmin couldn't help but agree with heavy heart – although when she woke up, she found herself hugging his torso, but doyeon will never mention it to him especially when she knows that he knew.

he opened his door, only to find the girl, coming out from the bathroom across his room with a towel wrapped around her head and his shirt that seems really big yet cute at the same time when she wore it, especially because of the shoulder area that drops so much (because god knew how broad his shoulder is).

"oh, you're awake."

he nodded his head while rubbing his sleepy eyes, " where are you going?"

"i'm going to meet up with some of my friends before we go back to seoul," she answered as she took out her makeup pouch from her bag. "and your parents went to the hospital already."

youngmin scratched his neck while nodding his head once again as he still doesn't have any energy to do or even say anything else. he, took a seat on his bed, staring at doyeon, who was currently doing her makeup. she glanced at him back from the mirror and made a face that made him chuckled before she continued putting on her makeup.

"do you want me to take you to your meeting place?" he asked randomly with his palm supporting his head while laying down on his bed.

she turned her head at him, shaking her head in disbelief afterward. "no! it'd cause a chaos." she replied, already imagining her friends' reaction if she comes with him as she puts on her blush on both of her cheeks.

"ah why why why. there must be a guy there, right? heol, i knew it. that's why you're pampering yourself right now to look pretty in front of him. don't you-"

"oh my lord. what if there is a guy there? you aren't my boyfriend anyway." she grunted, cutting his childishly whining.

youngmin close his mouth since she was right about it. he sat up from his bed, shrugging his shoulder lightly before he walked out from his room in silence. doyeon watched him closed the door from the mirror, placing down the brush from her hand and sighed. – technically, she wasn't wrong for saying that since it's the reality anyway, but why does it hurt him?

after she was done, she walked downstairs, greeted by youngmin on the couch, eating his late breakfast that her mother made before she left while watching some shows. he glanced up at her, lifting his lips upwards a little.

"have fun." he lowered his glance from her to his food, muttering lightly as she reached the door.

she nodded her head for the response with her hand, gripping the knob. "youngmin..," she called out in a low tone, "the café is close to the hospital. so, can we meet before you go to the hospital?"

"hmm." he replied without looking at her.

and because of the short reply, doyeon had this big frown on her face all the way to the café when she should be happy because she's going to meet her friends without youngmin trailing behind her.


the cheers from her friends could be heard as doyeon walked into the café. mina was the first one to give her a hug attack before sohye and yeonjung following behind her. the three of them stay in busan while doyeon and yoojung move to seoul to pursue their university. until then, five of them didn't have any opportunities to meet and have a chat, even now, yoojung couldn't make it because she was busy with her works.

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