Flashlights- Gotta Love Em

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You lucky ducks. The first thing I did today was write this.
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Chat stared at the child who shone the flash light over Ladybugs uncouncions body. He couldnt believe his eyes.

2 other kids stood adjacent to the one shining the flash light. Time Shadow shreiked, gasping at the small, but bright light.

TimeShadow screamend and clawed at iteself as it melted away by being in close proximinity to the flash light. Chat gasped as the presumend akumatized person, wasnt actually a person. A white butterfly floated away.

Chat ran over to the 3 kids and Ladybug, who was slowly awaking, sitting up.

"Hugo? Louise, Emma? Chat?" Ladybug asked, squinting in the dark.

"Don't worry My Lady." Chat said, picking her up.

Chat sighed as his bugaboos transformation faded away, Adriens too.

"Momma, Dadda we gotta go! We need to go back home now!" Emma said, pulling Adrien, Louise and Hugo pushing him from behind.

"We gotta go Dad!" Hugo shouted, urging him to go faster.

"What was that?" Adrien asked, walking quickly in the shadows, carrying a sleeping Marinette in his arms, as they walked quickly back to the bakery.

"Hawkmoth uses them in the future! That one was weaker, as it melted by affect from the akuma. The ones in the future are much stronger. We need to get home now and figure out what to do, stat." Hugo pulled them along.

---Le' magical time skip later---

Marinette sat on the couch accompanied by Adrian who is holding her protectively as a worried Tom and Sabine set alongside a sitting Emma and Louis who were looking out worried Hugo.

"Those akumas kill us in the future..Dont they Hugo?" Marinette whispered.

"Not in this one they won't Mom." Hugo said firmly. "I watched you two die once, saw paris crumble, saw HawkMoth do terrible things, and had to grow up to quickly. At least thats what Master Fu said anyway about the growing up part." Hugo mumbled the last part.

"THATS IT!" Tikki shouted, flying up suddenly from her sitting place. "We need to go talk to The Great Guardian, Master Fu!"

"Awww Tikki," Plagg moaned, munching a piece of camenbert. "Lets do that tomorrow after the akuma attack victims settle down."

"Its settled then. We go tomorrow." Adrien declared.


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