Alya you Lil' $talker

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*Le gasp
2 chapters in one day? And on a SUNDAY? Oh my, I am on a roll. Haha. Don't expect this again, this is a one time thing my Squishy Little Jelly Beans.

"So Marinette, Adrien's going to come over soon, and take you and the kids to the Great Guardian?" Tom asked Marinette while he flipped pancakes onto the little kids plates, cheers erupting whenever the pancake sticked the landing.

"Yes Papa," Marinette chuckled as she got some pancakes for herself.

Marinette heard a faint knocking coming from her room. "Oh thats probably Adrien." She said, putting her plate in the sink and walking on the stairs up to her room.

"Shouldn't he come in threw the front door sweetie?" Sabine asked, curious.

"Momma, his father dosent exactly know he's a superhero. He dosent even let him go outside in the first place."

Marinette opened the hatch and in bounced Chat, his transformation falling. "Hello Princess." He smiled, hugging Marinette.

"Silly kitty." Marinette laughed, pecking his lips, amd gesturing the love struck, dumbfounded Adrien who had the biggest, goofiest grin ever.

"Hiyah daddy!" Louise laughed as he ran up to Adrien.

"Hello little Prince!" He laughed, nuzzeling his facd into his orangish hair.

Sabine and Tom smiled at Adrien. The boy had been so deprived of love and family, and now he has one of his own.

"Okay Louise, Emma, Hugo, Daddy brought presents!" Adrien smiled at the 3 excited kids.

"Adrien you didn't have to do that. Marinette frowned.

"They are our kids. Do you expect me not to spoil them?" Adrien smiled, handing a beatiful baby doll to Emma, a toy car to Hugo, and a teddy bear for Louise. (He grabbed this all out of his bag)

"Fine Kitty. Just because you all are adorable." Marinette chuckled.

Tikki flew out of her resting place, dragging a lazy Plagg. "So when are we going to we going to go to Master Fu?"

"Yah!" A new voice chimend in. "When are we going to go?" Every gasped and turned their heads to see a fuming Alya, and a dumbstrucked Nino. "It's not like I can help my BFF and Her HUSABND watch their future kids."

"Hehe How long were you guys there?"

"Long enough to know that Miss Marinette Agreste here has some serious explaining to do, or should I say LADYBUG?" Alya marched in, sat down, and gestured everyone to do like wise.

"Marinette-" Adrien whispered in her ear after promptly sitting by their kids, "I don't think we can get out of this one."

Nope. You two are doomend. Alya is going to turn into a demon next chapter, and kill you both.











Nah just joking.

That wouldnt be very nice of Alya would it?


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