Fight To The End

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"I see you have found my lair, Ladybug and Chat Noir. However, this is sadly where you two boh meet your fate." Hawkmoth cackled evillily.

"Nice one Hawky, but My and Ladybugs fate involves spending our days with our kids and crossaints. I aint dying any time soon." Chat Noir joked, but his voice was stern as he twirles his staff.

"Its time for you to give us your miraculous HawkMoth!" Ladyug shouted.

He chuckled as he came swinging his staff, attacking the duo and dodging all of their attacks.

-Time skip later as I cant write fight scenes very well, sorry to disappoint you all.-

LB then used her magic lucky charm and grabbed Hawkys Miraculous, used her healing Miraculous Ladybug and reversed everything.

This sent the 3 back home too.

And then they all lived happily ever after.

The end.

Hahahahhaah sorrrrrryyyyy


I didnt know what to do for the ending. -.-

I may come back and rewrite it but as of now thats your ending. ;)

Unless you all like threaten to kill me or something I am probably not going to rewrite it unless I feel really bored..

But anyway I am going to do one more chapter that wraps it all up and then I am going to work on my next story. :)

Im thinking of doing a Princess Au..

So yahhhh..

Dont kill me. :/


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