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                   Mason's POV

There she goes again, putting that stuff they call makeup on. I don't have the slightest idea as to why she feels the need to wear such things, she's far more beautiful without it. With  her big eyes, plump ruby red lips, pale complexion and rosy cheeks.

My baby has her own natural beauty that is unique to her. Making it even better. She is around 5'3 with raven hair and a slightly curvy body but not to much so, just the right amount of everything in the right places.

"Sweetie come down for breakfast!" Clarke's mother calls from downstairs. "Okay mom, be right there." she hollers back.

My little one stands up from her vanity and slightly turns sideways in the mirror looking herself over. I smile pleased with how she looks, stunning as always. I see a look of disgust come across her face and my smile immediately falls.

She doesn't see it.

She doesn't understand how beautiful she is, inside or out. If I could change one thing about her it would be her self image. But I can't. Not yet anyways.

She sighs and walks out of her room downstairs. About half way down the stairs she trips and starts to fall but I am quick to help her regain her balance. She yelps slightly and then giggles to herself, continuing on her way. Clarke is quite... clumsy. Let's just say guarding my little girl is a full time job.

"Good morning mom." Clarke chirps grabbing a plate.

"Hey hun." Her mother replies dryly.

"Got any big plans today?" My sweet girl, she always tries so hard with her mother. But her stupid excuse for a parent never tries to pay any attention, or even care.

"Uh yeah actually I have a big meeting tonight so I won't be able to drive you home from school. But don't worry, I'll have someone pick you up." I clench my fists in anger. Most of the people she has pick up my Clarke are either druggies or alcoholics. Or both. If Clark knew about me I would fly her everywhere. Holding her close to my chest, sailing far above the tree tops. She would look up at me  with those green eyes giggling, begging for me to go higher.

"Oh, um yeah that's fine." Clarke lowly says, probably disappointed in her mother not even making an effort. I can feel sadness radiating off of her. I frown and walk behind her wrapping my arms around her. I immediately feel her slightly relax. I nuzzle my face into the crook of her neck and smile, inhaling her scent. She hums quietly.

"What's that honey?"

"O-oh nothing mother I was just thinking I need to head that way." She says slinging her bag onto her shoulder.

"Alright let's go." She takes the last sip of her coffee and follows Clarke. The whole ride there is silent. I sit in the middle backseat of the car, if I was allowing myself to be seen it would probably be a funny sight. Two tiny women in the front seat and one huge man in the back with wings basically taking up the other two seats. I could barely fit into this piece of junk.

The car comes to a stop in front of the school and Clark glances over at her mom who got out her phone probably texting coworkers. I know she's trying to think of something to say that will get a response out of her. "Goodbye mom, I hope your meeting goes well." She smiles.

"Uh huh." Wow, she didn't even look up from from her phone. I shake my head and follow my girl outside the car towards the school.

Clarke walks through the crowds of hormone filled teens with me following suit. A group of the "popular" girls point and laugh at my Clarke. She ducks her head and walks faster obviously uncomfortable. If I could, I would rip their heads off for embarrassing my little angel. But she shouldn't see such things. So I settle for wrapping my wings around her small form, giving her a safe and secure feel, even though she can't see them.


Me and Clarke stand by the curb waiting for her "ride" to get here. I watch closely as she bites her lip and fiddles with her fingers. She's nervous. I can't blame her, I can't help but be angry because of how careless her mother is to leave her alone with someone who Clarke doesn't even know.

A rusty old pickup pulled up and a man sticks his head out of the window. " Are you Clarke?"

My baby nods shyly. "Alright I'm Oliver, hop in." She hesitantly gets in and closes the door, buckling up. I yet again sit in the back.

" So you're Lisa's daughter eh?" The man questions looking Clarke up and down. I growl lowly so she wouldn't hear me.

"Y-yes sir." She replies messing with her fingers again. I put my hand on her shoulder and she relaxes, but only a bit. " well I can see you turned out better than she did." He chuckles. He better not be flirting with my girl, He's got to be at least twenty seven. I know that that is a smaller age gap than what me and Clarke have but that's different. I'm an angel, age gaps are common in my realm.

After a few more minutes of uncomfortable silence and frequent glances from this Oliver guy we pull up to her house. "Thanks for the ride sir." Clarke says getting out of this rust trap.

"No problem, just call me Oliver." He winks. I clench my jaw.

"S-sure thing, bye." She hurriedly runs up to the front door and heads inside.


Later that night my angel heads to her room and gets under the covers shivering from the cold. I gently get in beside her and put my forehead on hers. I wrap my wings around her to warm her up which seems to work when she scoots closer to me. It's moments like these that I live for. Just me and her. It reminds me of when she knew I existed.


"Ton-ton!" She giggled in my arms as I relentlessly tickled her sides. "Stop ton-ton! I'll do anything!!"

"Anything?" I inquire in a joking manner. "Anything!" She squealed.

"Hmm" I tapped the side of my chin in thought. " how about a kiss, right here?" I point to my left cheek.

"Of course ton-ton." She lays a big wet kiss on my cheek and my heart flutters. "Mwa! Now you have to sto-" she was caught abruptly off by the sound of yelling downstairs.

She whimpers slightly and I pull her to my chest. "Shh it's alright my angel. Here let's go to bed what do you say?"

She sniffs and nods as I carry her to the bed. I tuck her in and lay beside her and put my forehead against hers as we hear the sound of smashing glass. " everything is gonna be alright, I'm here to protect you okay little one?"

She scoots closer and nuzzles her head into my chest and I wrap my arms and wings around her protecting her from her horrible parents.

"I love you ton-ton."

"I love you too angel."

Thinking back on when she was four and only saw me as an "imaginary friend" made me wish things could back to how they were before...

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