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                   Clarke's POV

My eyes fly open when I hear a noise in my room. I sit up and look around trying to figure out what caused such a loud noise, but I don't see anything. It sounded like a big thump. Almost as if something fell off the side of my bed. I slowly crawl over and peek over he side of my bed to see nothing. It must be my mind playing tricks on me. Again.

I sigh and look at my clock. It's three in the morning. Getting up and almost falling over I walk to the bathroom. I do my business and come back to bed. I lay back down and shiver feeling extremely cold but after a couple of seconds I feel warmth surround me. I have no idea how this happens but when I'm cold or shivering I feel nice and toasty warm after a few seconds. Almost as if someone wrapped a blanket fresh out of the dryer around me.

I scoot more towards the heat source and slowly re enter my sleeping state.


"Good morning mother." I greet as I walk into the kitchen. She doesn't say anything, probably reading something really important for work. She's such a hard worker, I know it seems like she is a bad mother or that she doesn't have enough time for me but she just really loves her work.

I grab a bowl and fill it with cereal. " So how did your meeting go?"

"It went okay I guess," she sighs setting down her phone " Im gonna have to be working late for awhile though so I'm gonna get Oliver keep picking you up." I cringed slightly remembering the weird encounter I had yesterday, dreading having to go through that again.

"Okay mom, I hope you have fun with that." I force a smile. "Well we should probably get you to school." I nod and we head out the door.


I gnaw on my lip while waiting for Oliver to arrive. I don't know what it is about that guy but he just gives me the creeps. It's probably jut my imagination, I'm sure he's a really nice guy.

I see a red pickup come into view. I sigh heavily feeling really stressed when all of a sudden I feel that familiar warmth, comfort. I have no idea what it is but it calms me instantly. Oliver pulls up and waves as I walk around to get in.

"Hello sweetie how was your day?" He askes looking over at me. "Good" I lowly reply keeping my head down.

After a few seconds of silence I look over and see Oliver just staring at me. Not even driving away, were just sitting in the car while he stares at me. I tilt my head to the side and he shakes his and grins real big. "Let's get going yeah?"

I nod my head and he starts the engine pulling out of the empty parking lot.

I look out the window at all the buildings we pass hoping to avoid eye contact and conversation.

"So do you have many friends? Any uh boyfriend?" Oliver asks.

I sigh realizing I'm gonna have to talk to this weird guy. "No sir, it's just me. No friends."

"No? Friends? Now in sure that's not true a pretty girl like you has to have lots of people who hang on her every word. Not even a boy?"

"Nope" I reply dryly looking at my house as he pulls up. " well thanks for the ride sir."

He chuckles "please Clarke, call me Oliver." I blush and nod getting out.

Setting my backpack on the floor I immediately head over and open the fridge. With nothing to pick at I look in the cabinets. I guess it's been awhile since mom went shopping.

I grab my house keys and head out the door towards the grocery store. I mean why not? It's only a ten minute walk.

I look around at the evening sky showcasing different shades of blues, purples and reds. Gorgeous.

As I'm walking I get a weird feeling that I'm being watched. I slow down and take in my surroundings, looking for anything strange or out of place.

Shaking my head I continue on. Just my imagination.


Finally making it to the local grocery store I immediately make my way to the microwave meal section. Mom wouldn't be home to have dinner so I'm left to eat by myself.

After picking out what I need I make my way to the check out line and stand behind a little girl and her mother. The little girl takes a peek at me from behind her mothers legs and I send her a little wave, smiling at her. She giggled and hid back behind her mother.

As they stepped out of line I moved ahead and payed for my things making my way home.

It's now mostly dark out so I look up and watch the stars. My favorite thing in life is the night sky. While looking up I trip over a pebble and almost face plant on the concrete when all of a sudden I feel like I've been jerked so I land on the soft grass. I even landed on my butt, when I was about to land on my face. I have no idea how I landed so safely but I'm thankful for it. I must have someone watching over me. I giggle at the thought of a big angel following me everywhere just to make sure I don't fall on my face.

Like that could ever happen.

I get up and continue walking, quietly humming to myself when I hear footsteps behind me. I look behind me and see nothing.


Finally making it inside I immediately put my frozen dinner into the microwave when I hear a knock at the door.

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