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Mason's POV

I was finally relieved that my little one had made it home. I can't blame her for leaving because after all she does have to eat. I just wish her mother had done her job for once and actually taken care of her.

I'm upset because my baby girl was terrified on her way home. We both heard those foot steps. When the thought of someone trying to harm my baby crossed my mind I wanted to lose it. My wings started to point a bit and my claws tried to peek out. But I kept myself under control, following her all the way home. Making sure nothing happened to her.

I know she had been on edge all day anyways because if me falling off the bed this morning. I felt so bad that I woke her from her rest as well as scared her. She's supposed to be the clumsy one, not me. I smile at my thoughts.

She immediately walks over to the microwave and starts her dinner, I chuckle at her hurried state. She must be hungry. She leans against the counter humming a sweet melody quietly to which I'm not sure what it is, nor do I care. All that matters at this moment are the beautiful noises coming from my love, making my heart flutter.

I slowly walk up behind her, her head only coming halfway between my elbows and shoulders. I lean down slightly and sniff her hair. Oh that scent. I wish so badly for her to know me. For her to know that, my favorite color is the emerald of her eyes. That my favorite smell is her natural rose scent. That my favorite thing to do is hold her.

That my favorite place to be is wherever she is.

I'm abruptly caught off guard when there's a knock at the door. Who would be coming here at this time of night? All of Lisa's friends know she works this late now. And Clarke doesn't have any friends. Whoever it is better have a good reason to be here.

Clarke slowly and timidity walks up to the the door and opens it up just a little bit.

"Oh h-hi Sir." She says opening the door a little wider. I look over her shoulder to see Oliver. What does he want? I try to calm myself down but I can feel the feathers on my wings rising slightly.

"Didn't I tell you to call me Oliver, Clarke?" He chuckles.

My baby forces a laugh I'm guessing to cut some of the tension. " yeah I guess you did."

They stand there for a moment while Oliver just smiles and stares at Clarke. With each passing second I can feel my claws coming out more and more.

"So... what brings you here?" Clarke inquires.

" Ah yes, you must have dropped this in my truck. I figured it must be important so I thought I would drop it by." He held out a notebook.

She takes it "Oh thank you! I don't know how that fell out of my bag, I had it zipped shut.."

"Who knows." Oliver laughs. "So, what are you doing?"

"I'm fixing to eat actually."

"So late?" He looks over her shoulder. " you must be lonely, can I come in?" He takes a step forward and I growl. My baby jumps and looks behind her. Crap.

" Um n-no I'm good but thanks anyways, and thanks for dropping off my book I should get going now bye." She shuts the door in his face and quickly turns around looking around, probably trying to find where the growl came from.

I quickly wrap my arms around her waist to comfort her. She relaxes a great deal as I wrap my wings around her as well. She hums and closes her eyes enjoying the felling of being loved. She doesn't realize it yet but that is what's happening right now. She's being loved.

I'm the only one in her life that truly loves her. I only need her. And she only needs me.


Clarke is curled up on the couch watching a movie while I'm sitting patiently beside her. I notice her shiver from the corner of my eye. I scoot over and wrap my wings around her and she automatically leans into me.

I gaze down at her and take in her beauty. I'm so lucky.

My doll lets out a yawn as her eyes slowly flutter closed. I turn off the tv and pick her up carrying her bridal style upstairs to her room.

I gently place her on her bed and tuck her in, sending a soft kiss to her forehead. I move away from her and immediately hear her whimper. The smile on my face was bigger than Texas. I crawl in the bed beside her and wrap myself around her. She sighs and scoots closer, nuzzling her head into my chest.

I drift off to sleep with the biggest smile in my face because I'm sleeping with the world my arms.


I follow Clark out of the car, making our way up the steps of the school.

" Ton-ton I'm scared." She whispers clinging onto me.

"It's alright little one, everything is going to be okay. You've got this." I reassure rubbing her back.

"But what if they think I'm weird?" She gasps "what if they don't wanna be my friends?!"

"Clarke stop talking to yourself and hurry up! I'm already late for work." Her father scolds.

I glare at him then turn my gaze to the nervous five year old, my gaze immediately softening.

I look around to make sure no one it watching as I pulled her aside under a tree. I crouch down and cup her chubby little cheeks.

"You will do just fine, and hey, I'll be with you the whole time anyways. So if no one else will play with you I will!" I smile hoping to cheer her up.

She sniffs "you mean it?"

I wipe her tears away with my thumbs. " I mean it."

She gives a toothy grin and giggles when I pick her up holding her in the air as I spin her around and then hug her to me, nuzzling my face into the side of her neck.

" I love you Ton-ton." She kisses my cheek.

"I love you more." I kiss her forehead.

"Alright let's get you back to your daddy, he's probably wondering where you are." I say as I make sure no one is looking before I fly across the yard over into the school building with my girl squealing in my arms.

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