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Mason's POV

I watch carefully as Clarke cracks an eggshell on the counter and drops the insides into the hot pan, making sure she doesn't burn herself.

I smile as I hear her hum to herself. So beautiful.

My baby loves music. She wouldn't admit it, but it's her own way of dealing with the stress of the past, her mother and the events of last night.

She starts swaying her hips to the tune as she starts singing. My eyes widen at how amazing she sounds. Clarke never sings, not even in private. She's afraid someone will hear her and they will think she sounds horrible. No one in their right mind would think that.

"Maybe tonight I'll call ya, after my blood turns into alcohol.."

I close my eyes basking in the sweet sensation of her beautiful voice caressing my ears.

"Yeah I just wanna hold yo-"

The kitchen door creaks open and Lisa walks through in a bath robe.

"G-good morning mom." Clarke stutters, probably worried her mother heard her melodious voice.

"Hey hun" she yawns grabbing a coffee cup " what's for breakfast?"

"Fried eggs, bacon, and strawberries." Clarke says getting out plates.

"Thanks sweetie, I don't know what I would do without you."

I scoff, you would be lost without her.

We had a very awkward breakfast consisting of Clarke trying to have a conversation with her mother and Lisa not paying any attention to her. She was to busy texting clients.

It's Saturday so Clarke isn't in a hurry this morning. Once her mom left for work she walked upstairs to get dressed.

"What to wear, what to wear.." I hear her mutter under her breath, lightly tapping her chin.

She ends up wearing black skinny jeans, a black shirt, leather jacket and combat boots. Thats my girl for ya. Never flashy or skimpy like most girls her age. She would much rather be unnoticed. Which is fine by me, only I should be able to admire her beauty.

She throws her hair up into a messy bun, grabs her keys and heads out the door. I hate it when my baby girl walks places by herself. Not because I think she's not safe, no I am protecting her, I'm not worried about that. I just hate it because she is always afraid when she does. She doesn't know I'm here, she doesn't know she's safe.

And now she's even more terrified because of that stupid letter.

Whoever that is will never touch her. Ever.

I walk behind her being very watchful of our surroundings. I look like a giant behind her, It's so cute how small she is.

After about ten minutes of walking we finally make it to the local grocery store. She walks through picking up things that in a typical family the mother would buy. But of course my Clarke has to be the adult here and do the job so she can eat.

She pays for her things and starts heading back home. I can tell she is struggling with the bags so I reach down and hold them for her. I can't hold them completely because that would freak her out, so I just hold them where she is carrying them so she thinks she's still holding them. The end result is it lightens her load but she thinks she's doing the work.

We both turn our heads towards the woods when we hear rustling. My claws start trying to come out and Clarke picks up her pace. I let her walk ahead of me so she won't hear me. I turn back to the woods and let out an animalistic growl, warning whoever this is, then continue up to my girl.


Her bedroom door squeaks open.

She whimpers even more pressing her face to my chest as I hold her tighter against me, wrapping my wings around her and then making myself invisible.

Her father stomps in angry, slightly stumbling, he's drunk again. "Where are you at?" He slurs.

He looks around her room, even looking under her bed. "Where is she at?!" He screams, stomping out of the room and I immediately look at my crying baby.

"No sweetie it's alright, no ones gonna hurt you." I coo " a pretty little girl like you shouldn't be crying." I wipe her tears away silently cursing her pathetic sperm donor.

"I don't want him to hurt me." She sobs. My eyes start getting blurry because of all the pain and terror my girl is going through. She should never have to go through this. When she's older, and things are right, I'm taking her away.

"Shhh he's not going to hurt you little one, I won't let him." I lift her up putting her head into my neck as I do the same to her.

After a few minutes her sobs die down to whimpers. I hear her father leave in his car, she probably didn't hear it but I did because I have superior hearing.

"Everything is going to be alright, look at me." I pull her back to make eye contact. " I will never lay anything happen to you, Clarke."

She sniffs wiping her eyes"you promise?"

I lean my forehead against hers.   " I promise."

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