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                   Clarke's POV

I laugh at something on the tv, it's Friday night and moms still at work even though it's almost midnight, so I'm watching a movie. I feel so warm and toasty where I'm sitting, but if I move it gets cold again. Weird right?

I jump slightly when the doorbell rings. Who could that be at this time of night? Oh gosh I hope it's not Oliver again.

I slowly get up and open the door just a little. There's nobody there. I furrow my brows, opening the door wider when I see an envelope laying on the welcome mat. I pick it up noticing it has my name written on the front in beautiful calligraphy. I look around hoping I can find whoever left this but there's no one to be seen. So I close and lock the door

I sit back down on the couch and just stare at it. My hands sweat and my body shakes. I feel something that calms me down slightly. Shaking my head I slowly open the envelope and read what lies inside.

My dearest Clarke,

I have noticed your mother has been working more as of late leaving you at home all by yourself. But fear not my sweet, I watch just to make sure you are safe and sound. I know this may come off as confusing or strange but I am deeply in love with you and have been for many years now. Everywhere you go, I'm there. Everything you do, I see. Fear not my love for soon, and I mean very soon, you are to be mine. Wholly. Anything your little heart desires you shall have. You will never have to worry that pretty little head of yours ever again for I will protect you with my all just as I do now. Oh my love, we will be together very soon and when we are, I won't ever let you go.

                                 your soul mate.

By the end of the letter I was in tears, my entire body shaking. Who could this be?! I don't know anyone who could do this and now I'm terrified because someone is watching my every move. I abruptly get up and run upstairs to my room. I throw the letter into my dresser drawer and scramble to my bed, hiding under the covers.

I whimper closing my eyes, tears still streaming down my face and try to forget what I just read.

                Mason's POV

My heart clutches at the sight of my baby crying her eyes out, I can't blame her though. That letter was creepy and completely inappropriate. When I read it over her shoulder I couldn't stop myself from changing over. I'm glad my girl couldn't see me because she would have been even more terrified. My demeanor immediately changed when I heard soft sniffling and I looked over to see Clarke crying. Not from sadness, but from fear.

I frown and lay beside her, wrapping her up in my embrace so she's crying into my chest.

I furrow my brows while I nuzzle my face into her neck trying to comfort her as much as possible. Whoever this idiot is will soon learn that they can't stalk my girl. I will find out who this is and I will take care of them.

I know what you're thinking, I'm an angel so I shouldn't kill people right? Wrong. When a guardian angel is protecting their subject we are allowed to use any means necessary. Including "taking care of" people.

I pull away slightly to look at the angel in my arms to she her asleep. As I admire her raw beauty she snuggles back into me. I chuckle using my wings to tuck her into my chest, inhaling her scent. Oh that smell.


Clarke is watching cartoons sitting on my lap while her mother is in the office doing some work.

I look at her in admiration as she giggles at something silly on curious George, her tiny hands covering her mouth.

So precious.

As the credits roll she lets out an adorable yawn. " are you tired little one?" I whisper into her hair.

She immediately starts shaking her head back and forth. " No Ton-ton I'm not tired, honest."

" I think you are." I smile down at her while she slumps down looking up at me.

She grips my shirt "No Ton-ton, I don't want you to leave." My heart clenches when the sentence leaves her lips.

I pick her up and sit her on my lap so she's straddling my waist. I tilt her chin upwards forcing her to look at me.

"I am never going to leave you. Do you understand? I'm here to protect and keep you happy. Don't ever say that again, because it's never going to happen."  She smiles shyly as I engulf her into a bone crushing hug. "And even if you wanted me to leave you I wouldn't." I tickle her sides.

I have the biggest smile on my face at the sound of her giggle, probably looking like an idiot, but I couldn't care less. I'm with my girl right now and that's all that matters.

She sighs and reaches her hand up to touch my wing. " I love your wings Ton-ton. They're so soft." Her hand slowly trailed to the tip rubbing the feathers with her fingers. I sigh in content closing my eyes.

She moves her hand up to my hair, stretching her whole body to reach. I assist by holding her higher so she can reach, her face now level with mine. I hum when she runs her fingers through my hair, closing my eyes again.

"I love your hair too, it's different than everyone else's." She twirls one of my curls on her index finger. " how so angel?"

She purses her lips, moving both hands up onto my head. "It's curly and its white!"

I chuckle. "Well sweetheart, older people have white hair, and a lot of people have curly hair as well."

"But your hair is special, it's not like an old lady's white," she scrunches up her face. "It's a creamy white." She smiles.

"Well I personally believe that your hair it prettier my dear." I smile kissing her forehead. " no it's no-"

We both turn our heads when we hear the sound of the front door opening and closing.

I feel Clarke tense up "Cmon angel lets go upstairs yeah?" She nods curling into me. I hold her with my wings, clenching my fists  as we make our way to her room.

"Ton-ton" she whimpers when we hear her parents arguing. "Shhh it's okay little one, nothing's going to happen to you, I promise."

I cradle her in my arms rocking her back and forth whispering reassurances into her ear when we hear heavy footsteps up the stairs and her bedroom door fly open.

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