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"we're going to have a company dinner tonight! it's meat and it's my treat! so you all better be there."

the loud cheer could be heard as the boss told them about the dinner with a big smile on his face before he walked into his room. doyeon was also one of the workers who clapped their hands when he announced it. she glanced at youngmin, who was busy chatting with yongguk, the new intern before catching her glance that she immediately lowered it down and acted like nothing happened.

since woojin came in between, both of them never really spend a time together again. when youngmin tried to walk her home, woojin would be waiting for her already. when he tried to call her, woojin mostly be the one who answered it without her knowing and telling the older one to get lost before hanging it up.

doyeon, herself, she has never been the type of girl who would do something first in the relationship unless she really has to. and not knowing that youngmin actually tried to contact her, she thought that he let go of her for the second time and instead of feeling great to know the one that she didn't want him back to her life is finally giving up on her, her heart aches.

the message tone from her phone took her back to the reality. she took her phone from the table before leaning her back to the chair as she checked the message.

to: pwj's favorite person.

picking you up at the usual and let's get a dinner together, shall we princess? x

to: kdy's safety blanket.

can't. there's a company dinner tonight. x

before she pressed the sent button, a hum surprised her from the back. she turned her head and jisung was reading the text that she about to sent to woojin. she pushed his head away from her and placed her phone close to her.

"aih safety blanket. you two are so cute and you don't have to come to the company dinner if you have a date though." he scrunched his nose while saying it out loud, loud enough for the guy across her heard him, as he hit her shoulder lightly. "ya, youngmin. i give you two a permission to skip the dinner to have a date."

did jisung oppa just say youngmin? doyeon gasped lightly and pressed her palm to her forehead, closing her eyes tightly as she wished that jisung didn't really call youngmin and made everything worse.

on the other hand, youngmin could only let out a bitter laugh from his lips before shaking his head. "i don't remember planning a date with her." he shrugged his shoulder and shifted his attention back to his work.

jisung, who now had his eyes widen and turned his head at doyeon, who already had her head resting on the desk, not wanting to know what is going on. the oldest could only laugh awkwardly and waved his hand in front of her face, "mm, i will just go back to my desk."

and when he was about to leave the scene, youngmin slammed the keyboard, hard enough to make the other workers around them surprised before he taking his way to the pantry to calm him down from feeling furious knowing that he is losing doyeon to woojin.

"i made it worse right?" jisung commented at the scene.

"just go, jisung oppa."


the smell of the alcohol from her worker bothered doyeon as he started coming closer to her and blabbering something that doyeon didn't pretty much care. she regretted joining the after party, not only because of these old men, it was also because of the girls who were lingering around youngmin as well. and for jisung, he already drowned in alcohol.

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