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"Who are you?" I failed to reply when he asked the first time, the second time was no different.

So I ran.

Who am I? Thinking back to my home, my family, I saw a girl who was unsatisfied with her dull and boring life. Who was constantly put down because of her gender, something she couldn't help. Someone who lived in a society where she was constantly reminded of her weak nature. Who was told all her life she must find a man, one that could provide for her because she wouldn't be able to survive on her own.

I loathed that person. Or more rather the people who thought they could make me into that kind of person.

I was slapped out of my thoughts, literally. I looked up from the pain to see the waving branches against the blue sky. A trail of a furious fire raged across my cheek. Something wet trickled along my skin. My lungs, feeling constricted pushed out a cough and I greedily breathed in a lungful of air. All this just from being hit in the face by an outstretched branch. Am I being dramatic?

I crawled onto my hands and knees, scouring the trees for any sign that would alert me of being followed. The captain was nowhere in sight, and looking around a little more I realized I had no idea where I was and the dragon that I completely forgot about in my haste to get away was not around either.

Thinking about it now I felt stupid, why did I run? I should have been smarter and at least think about where I was running to, but instead, I'm lost in an unfamiliar forest where there were predators far larger than I, who could deem me worthy enough as their next meal.

In a fit of rage I shot out my fist into the nearest tree, it stayed put and my knuckles came back bloody and full of bark. I screamed in frustration. Gods, that hurt. Instead of causing myself even more pain, I turned my back to the tree and rested against it. Letting out a breath of air that fluttered the hair out of my face, I looked towards the sky. I was half expecting to see a shadow racing across the sky but my hopes were destroyed as all I saw in the sky was the light of the sun.

There was no way I would be backtracking in fear I would run into that crazy man again. A jarring thought entered my mind and increased my heart rate. I shot up and gathered my belongings. What if he somehow managed to capture the dragon? And here I am, on the forest floor throwing a temper tantrum like a little child.

Now having my bag on my shoulders, I raced back in the direction I came from, at least in the direction I thought I had come from. The fear of the dragon trapped in a cage worried me more than running into the captain of the dragon hunters. I didn't have a plan for whatever I found, I had no weapons or training in fighting. I was running in blind and I was being reckless, but with the dragon's life in danger, I could care less about my own.

I slapped a bunch of vegetation out of my way and pushed through it. My foot snagged in a root and I fell to the ground, coming face to face with a family of creatures eating at the body of a freshly killed deer. Their bloody faces shot up and they growled simultaneously. The younger ones, which I assumed were their kits, ran behind the adults. Their bodies were feline, and in their maw, they had a set of large canines pushing past their lips and their jawline. I had never seen these creatures before in my life. Never learned about them in school either, but then again our education was cut off from learning about dragons and large cats that could potentially kill you.

I slowly stood up, counting two adults, one pure white and the other beige, and three youngsters, two beige and one black with a white mouth; redder now than anything. There was no way I would get out of this alive unless they were already full from their meal, then maybe I could just back away and continue on my original path. Which was what again? Oh right, trying to save the dragon. I wouldn't be much help if I was being feasted on by a family of hungry carnivores.

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