01. Truth comes out

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Asher pov


"Bay. Bay! BAY!" My voice grows weaker and more aware every time I say her name as she slips down towards the floor. No. No. No. this can't be happening.

Another gunshot explodes In my ears and I find myself falling to the floor as well. I'm in the most pain I've felt in a while but none of which is because of the shot that hit me.

"Bay! You're okay. Open your eyes! Open your fucking eyes, Baylor!!"
I scream at her as the tears stream down my face. She's okay. She's fine. We're fine. She's not going to die. She's not. I grab her arm and pull her into my arms to hold her.

"Asher." She cries as her eyes flutter open and back shut. I hold her tighter in my arms as my heart races.

"Bay it's okay. Stay with me, please!"
I grab the rag that was sitting by the sink and hold it over the growing stain of blood in her green shirt. She isn't even crying, I don't think she had enough time to. I, on the other hand, can't control the tears flooding my cheeks. I find myself growing weaker with every passing moment as our blood combines into one big mess on the floor.

"Don't you ever think you can threaten me, Asher. I hope you've learned your lesson."
Anger starts to build deep in my bones and I grab the first thing my hands can find from the counter and throw it blindly at the door and look for the destruction of all this.

The plate shatters at a man's feet and my eyes move up to his steady hand and into his cold blue eyes. The same cold eyes that were passed down to me.

"Why her! She didn't do anything!"
I scream as my tears start to blur my vision and I rock her in my arms.

"She killed our family."

"It was me! Okay! I killed mom! I killed Luke! You didn't even care about us! Now Leave! Leave before I fucking kill you!" I scream but my voice gives out and I'm just left with rasp. I can't believe he did it, he actually shot her! My father just shot me and my girlfriend.

I hurriedly get up off the ground ignoring the pain shooting through my leg and rush to find my phone and call 911.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"My girlfriend and I. We've been shot! Please she's gonna die. Please! Don't let her die."
I sob as I hold my spinning head looking at Baylor bleed out on the floor and I fall to my knees causing me to scream out in pain.

"Sir! sir! Help is on its way!"
The phone falls from my ear and shatters on the ground. I crawl to Baylor and pull her into my lap and hold her wound as tight as possible, not daring let go. I hold on to her as my eyes keep fluttering shut. We're going to die.

"It's okay. You're okay. You're not gonna die, Bay. Don't you fucking die! Don't you fucking die!"
I push out breathlessly as I continue to rock her in my arms.

"I warned her." My father says as he stares down at her and if I didn't know any better I would say there was remorse in his cold eyes. Why hasn't he left already.

"Get. The. Fuck. Out. Or so help me god I will kill you or die trying."
I scream as harshly as I can at him as I continue to apply pressure to Baylor's bleeding wound.

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