Chapter 6

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Bold: Liam 

Normal: Ivy

- Incoming Call - 

12:35 PM

Unknown Number 


"I've just realised I have no idea what your name is."

"Well hello to you too and I don't know what yours is either, can I guess? oh please, oh please, oh please let me guess."

"Calm down there, sure guess."




"Not even close."


"So close yet so far away."


"Def- wait what?"


"Why would my parents name me Pickles? that's horrible, that's just not right."

"Well can you just tell me already? by the time I guess it right i'll be 130 years old."

"Highly unlikely and don't forget you wanted to guess."

"Let this be a valuable lesson to never listen to me."

"Okay... duly noted."

"So... name."



"Was not! liar, liar, pants on fire!"

"Hey, it was! even ask my brain."

"How can I even - never mind, what's yours?"

"Bond... James Bond."

"Very fun-

Beep Beep Beep

- Call Ended -

"- Oh she did not just do that."


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