04. Living hell

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Six years ago my heart was ripped away from my chest and buried six feet underground with you.

But with that part of my heart that has been completely disintegrated, a new one has been made.

A new part of my heart that has filled me with more joy than I could ever imagine.

A bigger part that I would do anything in this world for.

"We misses you."
Mia talks to your tombstone like you're really here with us. But When Mia talks to you I feel like you really are here, Looking over my beautiful new love of my life.

Mia is the epitome of perfect. Her mocha colored hair, with her natural curls that she gets from her mother. Her ocean blue eyes that are a mirror image of mine. Her dimples when she smiles. I have the most beautiful daughter in this entire world.

"Let's go mia. We will visit uncle luke and mamma another day, okay."
My beautiful wife says as she smiles down at our remarkable child.

"Okay mommy."
Mia grumbles and I smile as I walk up to Bay and wrap my arms around her.

"Do you know how much I love you?"
I ask her and she bites her lip and smiles at me as she wraps her arms around my neck.

"How much?"

"So damn much."
I say as I place my lips on hers.

"Eww. Mom! dad!"
Mia grumbles as she watches us from her car seat and I bend down to look in her window.

"What? You want some of these?"
I ask as I point at my lips.

She shouts as she tries to climb to the other side of the car but I grab her and hoist her in the air as she screams and laughs. I bring her towards me and start kissing her repeatedly all over her face as she giggles and tries to push me away.

"Stop! Daddy! Stop, your gonna give me cuties!"

"Cuties? What! You have cuties? Who gave them to you? I'll beat his ass!"
I say as I stop and hold her out in front of me and she hurriedly covers my mouth.

"Daddy you can't say that word. Mommy don't like it."
She whispers to me and I look side to side and whisper back.

She giggles and I sit her back down in her car seat and strap her in.
"You never told me who gave you cuties little girl. We aren't starting this young!"

"You did daddy."
She laughs and I try my hardest to keep a straight face but she's too cute not to smile.

"I did? What!"

"You're silly daddy."
She laughs at me and I give her one more big kiss on her forehead and get in the passenger seat.

We sit here for a moment and the car doesn't start so I look over at Baylor to see what she's doing and I now know I'm in trouble. Her eyes may be a gorgeous brown but a red beam is shooting through my skull burning a hole in my head.

"What did I say about the cuss words."

"Ooooh I told you! You're in trouble!"
Mia shouts from the back and I just lean forward and start smooching my lips at Bay.

"No. Keep them lips to yourself."
She says as she puts her hand over my lips and pushes me away.

I grab her hand and give it a big kiss and kiss all the way up her arm until I get to her lips.

She turns her head away from me and I place my hand on her cheek and turn her face towards me.

"Bay, my queen, honey, babe,"
I whine and finally her pissed off features turn into a smile as I get her to look at me and I give her one of my apology kisses. A long passionate kiss that lingers for a moment.

"I mean it ash."
She says with a fake sternness before starting the car.

"You Hill girls can't stay mad at me. Just face it. You both love me."

"Well daddy I love you but sometimes I think mommy might not. You piss her off sometimes."

Baylor yells and I try to hide my laughter. I bite my thumb as I look at Bay.

"Do I piss you off sometimes honey?"
I ask and she slaps me in the chest and I laugh even harder. My life is completely and utterly perfect as I watch my two girls laugh in complete bliss.

I am complete.

"Hey wake up. Wake up silly we're leaving."
Someone's small hands push my shoulder and my eyes open and I realize my happiness was just a dream and I'm back to my living hell.

It's only when I focus in on the small hands that I notice the little girl that was talking to me earlier was the same little girl that I just dreamt about and the same little girl who just woke me up.

"Thanks sweetie."
I say even though my heart is being crushed.

"Mia Ashlor! Get away from him!"
What the fuck, this girls name is Mia?

"Aunt l-"
The women covers the little girls mouth and ushers her out the plane before she could finish her sentence never once showing her face.

It's too much of a coincidence.

I run after the girl but she's lost in the crowd before I can find them.

So I write.

"You wake up and you smile
Knowing the bad dream was only awhile
I wake up and cry
Knowing my happiness was just a lie"


"Welcoming to the cage all the way from California, weighing in at 210 pounds is Asheerrrrr Hillllll."

I smack gloves with the other guy and hurriedly search the crowd before he goes in for a punch and I dodge it.

The fight feels like it's taking ages and all I want to do is search the crowd for that little girl.

After I win the fight I don't even bother waiting for him to raise my hand in victory and I chase down the blonde haired girl I just seen disappear behind the corner.

"Hey! Hey you!"
I yell towards the girl as I run towards the hallway she just disappeared into.

When I make it there it's empty. Nobody in sight. I stumble back to my dressing room and relax for a moment before my next fight.

I reach for the tv remote but stop when I notice a note sitting on the table by my phone.

"Stop. If you love her still, then stop."


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