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"H-hush little baby don't say a word, papa is gonna buy you a mocking bird and if that mocking bird won't sing papas gonna buy you a diamond ring,"  I sang the soft song to myself.

It was a dark cold night in the middle of October and I had enough.

It's been 3 days since I ran away.

3 days since I ate.

I was currently laying down on a hard uncomfortable bench trying to sleep.

I never slept in silence so I sing to myself.

"And if that diamond ring turns brass papas gonna buy you a looking glass,"

I sang as I cried. I was all alone and scared in the middle of the night.


I looked down at mwy watch and sighed, it was 1 am and I still hadn't reached home.

"Grey chill man it'll be fine," Kenzie chuckled.

"And if that looking glass gets broke, papas gonna buy you a Billy goat," I heard a small soft voice sing this lullaby in the distance.

"You heard that kenz?" I asked

"Ya lets go check it out it sounds like a kid, it's almost 2 why would a kid be out at this time?" Kenz said

"That poor thing, its freezing out," I said as we began walking in the direction of the soft sound.

After a few minutes we stopped at a bench. A small figure layed down on the uncomfortable peace of wood. The body shivered involuntary to the cold.

That's when I noticed the little girl only had a small shirt and shorts on in the middle of winter.

"Holy hell Grey let's help the poor thing," Kenzie said.

I quickly took of my sweater off and wrapped her small body around it.

"Come one baby," I said to myself as I lifted her up and wrapped her feet around my hip.

"Wait a minuite, we cant just  take her, she will be frightened when she wakes up," Kenzie said

"She wont wake up in the morning in this weather," i said

We walked the rest of the way home.

We reached our mansion.

I quickly opened the gate and kenz followed behind me

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I quickly opened the gate and kenz followed behind me. I felt the girl move on my hip waking up.

"W-who are you mister?" She asked I quickly recognized her voice as she was the one singing.

"Hey there my name is Greyson but you can call me grey," I said in a sweat voice not trying to scare her.

"My name is Mia but you can call me.... I don't know I never had a nickname," she said.

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