Harry Styles Album

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Steve-Sweet Creature. Why?

It's a song about hardships. A song about love. A song about longing. A song about cherishing the ones you love. And that basically sums up your relationship. The song itself is also calm and peaceful, which is really nice.

Sweet creature, sweet creature, wherever I go, you bring me home.

Tony-Kiwi. Why?

It's upbeat. It's crazy. It's about loosing it over your baby. It's rock. It's all about Tony. It's a bop. It's something you can jump up and down to in excitement. It's just exciting. It feels electric. It has some screaming in it.

Drivin' me crazy, but I'm into it, I'm into it, I'm kinda into it.

Thor-Only Angel. Why?

At first, it's literally angelic. It almost lulls you to sleep. But then The whoo-hoo comes in, and lets go. Guitar. Drums. Screaming. Powerful lyrics. And it's true: your Thor's only angel.

She's an angel, only angel. She's an angel, my only angel.

Clint-Woman. Why?

It's jazz. It's slow. But it's powerful. You can feel it. It's, like, a rollercoaster. It's fun to swing along to gently. It's good that it's not really energetic.

I hope you can see the shape I'm in.

Bruce-Two Ghosts. Why?

It's slow, but it has a bit of guitar. It's soft. It's calming. You could listen to it under the stars. You feel like holding hands when listening to it. It's kind of sad, but it's meaningful at the same time.

Tryin' to remember what it feels like to have a heartbeat.

Natasha-Meet Me in the Hallway.

It's romantic. It makes you blush. It's about working it out. Waiting for the other. Sometimes it's her waiting for you, or you waiting for her. It's about wandering and waiting. Impatience. Just take the pain away, Nat.

Just let me know, I'll be at the door, at the door, hopin' you'll come around.

Loki-From the Dining Table. Why?

It's so soft. You could sleep to it. Just acoustic guitar and the violins...It may sound like a breakup song, but to you, it's a love song about what once was that shaped everything today. Both are at fault.

Maybe one day you'll call me and tell me you're sorry too.

Bucky-Sign of the Times. Why?

It's tragic. It breaks your heart. It's about mistakes, and trying to make everything better. Just stop your crying. It will be okay soon enough. Just get away from here, and calm the storm. It feels like it's blood red.

We never learn if we never fall.

Pietro-Carolina. Why?

It's so freaking electric. It's so fast, upbeat, and just good. It makes you think of honey and warm autumn afternoons. It makes you feel rebellious. Cunning. It's so great.

And I hope she hears me now.

Wanda-Ever Since New York. Why?

It's joyful. It's fun to spin around to. It's also really fun to sing along to. It's jazzy. It's like cold winter days in New York. Old memories resurfacing that surprise you. It's beautiful.

Chose your words because there's no antidote for this curse.

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