chapter 2

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I took my time in taking in the three different characters I have met today.

Mackenzie is the joker he is funny I felt that if I would ever do something  wrong he would be the one that would let it pass. The one that would let me do crazy things.

Greyson is the softy he is always trying to get me to feel better like if I did something  wrong he would sit for hours and talk it out, he is the patient one.

Everest is not soft not patient judging when Ken and grey stode with their mouth wide open looking really shocked when everest acted kind and soft. He would be the only stern and harsh one the only one who has the Heart to hurt me even though he may love me.... does that make any sence.

Mackenzie stands at maybe 6'4 with gorgeous deep blue eyes a well structured nose that can make every girl jealous, a jaw that can give you a paper cut, and hair golden like the sand and his skin had a pale color that fit him perfectly, he was some sight to see.

Greyson stood at 6'4, his eyes were what captivated me. His eyes had grey and green one hell of a weird combinations but they fit real well. His hair was a light shade of brown and freckles where splattered all over his nose. And his skin was tan.

Everest is one sight to see too his eyes where very rear his puiples are huge and it's color was black Cole black one hell of a fascinating color, his hair is also jet black and looked so shiny his jaw is well built and he had a really dark color of freckles splattered all over his face. He's tall..... really tall standing at 6'5.

I was currently wrapped around Everest's waist. My head rested on his chest as he walked me to a kitchen.

"Kenz go to the carters and ask them for a littles bottle," everest ordered.

I gave out a big kitten yawn then a kitten sneeze.

Greyson awed and gave out a big 'so cute'

"Hey little one, how long have you been out for?" Everest asks

"I wan...ran away m-mia was vewy scawwed  I, mean I w-ran away," I tried to speak in my big girl voice because I didn't want them to feel awkward.

"Awh little minie don't worry about being big you are still so very small talk as you like okay," everest said.


She was so precious and Everest is so different he is so kind, only speaking to her softly I have never seen him like that.

Kenz walked in and a bottle was in his hand.

"Kenzie hold her while I do her bottle," Everest ordered in his already mean voice.

Kenz walked up to Everest and held mia he then placed her on the counter.

Leaning against the door, I placed my hands in my pockets.

Kenz had one of his hands behind mia's back supporting her and preventing her to fall back from laughter as he used his other hand to do the peekaboo.

Mia's eyes twinkled in happiness and she giggled and laughed at kenz.

I looked at greyson who had his side to me.

I saw him with the bottle in his hands as he stood motionless.

Mia's angelic laugh slowly guided his lips into a, dare i say, smile.

He was listening to her laugh, he liked it.

As poetic as it m.y sound Everest is not one to smile

"Alright little one I have your milk,"

Kenz moved her to the floor.

She walked up to me, leaned towards me pushing herself up and raising her arms up.

I looked up with worry clueless to what i should do.

"Pick her up you dumb fuck," Everest said while rolling his eyes.

I placed my hands under her and lifted her up she and wrapped her around my hip like everest  used to do.

We walked into an empty room and I placed her on the bed.

She instantly sank into the bed.


After the little angle drowned into the covers I walked up to her and sat beside her kenz followed on the other side and grey in front of her.

I placed the nip of her bottle on her lips.

She gently opened her mouth and let the bottle in.

Kenz started to caress her hair and hum a soft tune.

He looked at her with admiration.

A small sucking sound filled my ears and I heard grey chuckle.

The way he looked at her felt as if they had been inlove with each other for so long.

And I know, I looked at her in the same way.

She turned to me and said something

"Everest suits you because you are as big as the mountain, but I am gonna call you fluffy because you look fluffy like a teddy, and deep down you are as soft and sweat as one,"

At that I involuntarily....laughed

I shocked myself.

I never laugh.

But when a 17 year old girl calls a gang leader, which is me, fluffy is quite funny.

"Close your eyes princess, have some sleep," I whispered softly

Her hand rose up and cupped my face.

"You have a dimple that only shows when you smile, you should smile more... please," she said while closing her eyes.

She didn't open them again.

I gave out a sigh and ran my hands through my hair.

"You laughed, I have been your best friend for more than 11 years and I only have manged a smile out of you, this girl has been here for less than 2 hours and you already have laughed full one burst laugh," Kenz said in a low voice

"Ya whatever, let's go to bed," I ordered



How did I do that, now they will hurt me.

How could I.

I wet the bed....

I took of the shirt leaving me in my nakedness.

I gave out a huge sob and backed up into a wall.

I started to cry loudly and I heard the door burst open and 3 pairs of feet rushed into a room.

"Princess whats wrong." I heard kenz worried voice

"I'm sowwy please don't hurt me," I sobbed

"We would never let anything hurt you angel," greyson spoke softly "now, tell us what happened, " he continued

"I- I wet the b-bed I'm sowwy daddy," I said accidently letting the daddy slip.

"Oh angel, come here, it's okay we aren't mad," I heard everest say

I ran up to him and he lifted me up and sat me on his hip.

He looked down at me and asked

"Why are you naked angle?"

"To be fweeeee," I said while giggling


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