Chapter 5: Pink eye

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"Morning" Dominic mumbled rubbing his eyes. Both Dominic and I turned to look at him.

"Morning Dominic how'd you sleep?" I yawned, eyes kind of drooping.

He looked at me, that's when I noticed his eyes was pink. "I slept good. What's for breakfast Blake?" He asked Blake, turning his attention to him.

"Eye... See! I am making some eggs and bacon." Blake said quickly turning his head away from him.

"On second thought, how bout you go back to bed and I- I mean Maya will bring your food up for ya." He rushed.

I turned my head to Blake, eyes widening. "What? No! You do it, I'll just stay here...Away from him. No offense Dominic." I sheepishly grinned looking back at Dominic.

He just shrugged his shoulders, narrowed his eyes, and started walking closer. "You guys are acting weird."

"Whaaat? Nooo... We're acting weird? No! Youre the one acting weird. Not us! Psh." I gulped looking away. I know, I know. Your jelly of my acting skills! Don't worry, no one can help it!

"Yeah, Dom... Go back to your room... We got this..." Blake hesitated.

"Why? Tell me why do you want me to go to my room?"  He demanded.

Blake sighed. "It's cause you have a- mm mm..." I jumped from my seat and covered his mouth before he finished his sentence.

"Don't tell him that Blaze!" I whispered in his ear. He gave me an are you serious face.

"Why?" He whispered back.

"Because... Because... Uhhhh...." I stammered.

"I'm still here you know." Dominic cut in. Thank you Dominic!

"Oh hi Dominic! Whacha doin' here?" I nervously asked.

"I'm hungry. I want food. And I live here." He deadpanned.

"Oh riiiight.... Well you see... I will give you your breakfast in your room!" I hesitated.

He glared at me suspiciously. "Why?"
Think Maya think!

"Because Blake has a major crush on you and he can't stand seeing you in the same room as him!" I blurted out. I mentally face palmed. Really...

Blake looked surprised, so did Dominic. I gave him the look saying go along with it or else. Blake sighed.

"Maya! You weren't suppose to tell him!" He cried dramatically. Dominic looked at Blake.

"Sorry bro but I don't swing that way." And with that, he went back upstairs to his room.

"Of all excuses in the world sweetheart... You chose that one?" He deadpanned. I just shrugged while grinning like a lunitic. Mwahahaha...

"Whatever." He went back to cooking. I just kept on smiling. That was until Blake told me to go give his food. I was about to argue but Blake gave me this look.

"Fine..." I pouted and grabbed his food.

I walked up to his door and knocked. "Come in." I heard his muffled reply. I twisted the door knob on and opened the door.

"Here's your food." I said cautiously thrusting the plate to him.

"Thanks." He murmmered and took the plate.

"Okay. I'm just gonna... Go... Bye." I said awkwardly, pointing to the door.

"Alright." He looked at me weirdly.

I wonder when he'll find put he has a pink eye. I'm not saying anything. I'm just gonna lock myself in my room, eating junk food. Yeah... Sounds like a plan.

30 minutes later....

"Holy shit! I have a pink eye! Why didn't anyone Tell me?!" I heard Dominic's voice boom. I gulped quietly and tip toed to the door, peeking out. I slowly reached down, grabbed a popcorn bag and started eating it.

I saw Dominic banging on Blake's door. "Yes Dom?" He greeted opening the door slightly.

"How come none of you told me I had a pink eye? Tell me!" He demanded. Ohh, this is getting good! Like this popcorn! Nom, nom, nom.

"I dunno, I swear! Maya told me to! Sorry Maya!" He called looking in my direction. The popcorn in my hand froze mid way. Shoot! All has been compromise! Abort! Abort!

I shut the door, locked it, and dived into my fort. That's right, I made a fort. What cha gonna do about it? Nothing! That's what I thought! Haha jk.

I just sat there eating a potato, in my fort, like any person would do. Don't even ask where I got it from. I have my ways. Munch, munch, munch. Man, Making sound effects are cool.

"Maya! Open this door this instant young lady!" Dominic said banging his fists loudly on the door. He sounded like those mothers that followed there daughters to there room where they have a fight.

"I'm covering my ears like a kid! When your words mean nothing I go la la, la la la la la la la la la la." I sang, covering my ears, and shutting my eyes.

After who knows how long the time went, I peeked out of my fort. Hmm, the door is still in tack and the banging stopped... Yay! He finally left! Thank the heavens.

I let of the breath I was holing in and grabbed a water bottle. I took a few gulps then sat it down on the table beside my bed. I think I can survive up here in my room.

I mean in the night I go down stairs and take a lot of food, cough, junk food, Cough, along with some water of course, an bring it back with me.

I laughed evilly in my mind. I'm like a bunny, I'm nocturnal. Well... Sometimes. That's a lie. Fine. I only go out cause I like stealing food at night cause I'm bored and hungry with nothing to do with her life. Happy? Yep!  Whatever.

I'm just gonna stay up here for a hours.... days...

I'm not gonna tell him I gave him pink eye. Laughs evilly while rubbing hand together.

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