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Clarke's POV

"Here honey take this up to Oliver's room." Mom hands me a large box filled with lord knows what. I grunt feeling the weight impact my small form. I start up the stairs when it lightens. A smile spreads across my face and I whisper a quiet "thank you."

Mom and Oliver came home at ten this morning and already had Olivers first load of stuff. After a couple of hours and two more car loads we're about done. I sit the heavy box down on the floor of Oliver's room, he's not going to sleep here but since he works from home he gets the spare bedroom as an office.

Oliver steps in behind me and sets his box down on top of the one I just carried in. He stands in front of me with his hands on his hips and sighs. "So did you miss us?" He grins.

"I was fine by myself, I'm used to being home alone." I shrug not really minding.

"But you didn't miss me at all? Not even a teeny bit?" He steps closer. I look side to side searching for an answer that won't hurt his feelings. I guess it wouldn't hurt to lie, I mean, he's trying so hard to be a good step dad. "Yeah I actually did." I put a fake smile on.

His face breaks out into a huge grin and he wraps his arms around me. I remind myself yet again of how hard he's trying and hug him back. "I knew you did." He whispers. I try to pull away but he just holds me against him, making sure there's no space between us. He sniffs my hair and I start struggling in his hold.

He finally lets go when we hear mom heading our way. "Hey you two, already bonding I see." She beams. "Yeah me and Clarke are gonna get along just fine." He wraps his arm around my shoulder.


I sit on the couch with a plate of fish sticks and mac-n-cheese. We were tired after moving Olivers stuff so I just whipped up some junk food for supper. Unhealthy yes. do I care? No.

Oliver comes and sits beside me with his plate full as well as his mouth. Mom comes in right behind and sits on the other side of him. We all watch the horror movie I put in, never heard of it before, just saw it in Oliver's stuff and asked if we could watch it. So we turned off the lights and commenced theater mode.

I can feel Mason take a seat on the floor right in front of me, putting my legs to hang over his shoulders. I playfully knock his head with my knee and he in return teasingly bites my leg. I bite my lip to stifle my giggle and Oliver leans over and whispers "you look good when you bit your lip."

I just nod and keep my eyes trained forward hoping he'll lean back to where he was. He the leans a little closer and sniffs my shoulder, mom totally oblivious. "Hmm you smell so good, what perfume do you use?"

Turning my head to look into his eyes I tell him the truth. "I don't wear any." His eyes widen and he the bottom half of his body scoots closer so all of him is near me. "Then that's your natural scent? Wow Clarke, you smell delicious." He licks his lips.

I'm frozen not sure I just heard what I did. Mason grasps my hand and lightly tugs on it. I agree and stand up announcing I need to go to the bathroom.

I walk up to my room and close the door only to be wrapped up in Mason. He sighs as he combs his fingers through my hair kissing my forehead.

"I'm okay he won't do anything, he's just being nice." I try to soothe him, my hands run down his wings knowing he likes that. He pulls away enough to see my face shaking his head. "No Clarke, that man," he points at my door "does not have good intentions." His golden eyes staring intensely into mine.

I silently disagree but nod my head. "Well get out, I want to change." He looks down at me with concern written all over his face. I sigh "alright you can stay but turn around." He grins down at me nodding his head yes.

He faces the door while I grab my pajamas and take my shirt off.

After I place my last piece of clothing on I tell him he can turn around and he does, rushing over and picking me up. "What's your fascination with having me in your arms?" I raise a brow playfully.

He shrugs carrying me over to my window seat sitting me on his lap, cradling me like a baby. He smiles down at me rubbing his fingertips down the side of my face. "Just like it used to be." He murmurs kissing the tip of my nose.

I sit up on his lap and poke the dimple on his cheek. He smiles down at me "do you even realize how different you are?"

My eyes widen and I shrink down a bit worried at what he just said. His face flashes in panic as he pull me closer so I'm straddling his waist, pushing my face against his chest while he pets my hair. "No no no angel I didn't mean it like that. You are a good kind of different, a kind I'd much rather have." He coos.

Looking up at him I contort my face in confusion. "You are the sweetest thing to ever walk this earth. I can't even comprehend how kind and good you are. But one thing about you I do hate,"

Oh no.

"I hate how you don't think anything of yourself. I hate how you always blame yourself when it's obviously someone else. I hate how you don't see the beauty I do, that cute little nose that turns up at the end slightly." He touches my nose.

"This hair that is so different but unique and beautiful."  He trails off petting my hair.

"And those lips that are so plump and red all the time." He trails his fingers over my lips, his breath hitching.

"You my dear, are very different. And I wouldn't change that at all."

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