Chapter 44

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My eyes were fixed on my intertwined hand, resting comfortably in Camila‘s lap. I was somehow stuck in a trance ever since we had left city hall. The last thing I remembered was exchanging vows and a heartfelt kiss. Now I was sitting in the car on the way back to the apartment but I honestly couldn’t recall how I even got here. My brain was on overload. It was flooded with too many memorable moments that kept replaying in my head.

Camila’s vows had genuinely taken a toll on me. I felt like she had cast some sort of spell on me when her sincere words for me had left her lips. Although I hadn’t liked the idea of Ally filming us during the official act of getting married, in hindsight I was glad the older woman had. Now I was able to watch it back because I didn’t want to forget a single word. I kept eyeing the wedding bands on our ring fingers, matching each engagement ring perfectly when it really hit me.

“We’re married”, I blurted out and still focused on the golden jewelry.

“I know”, Camila’s soft voice occurred and made me look up for a second, meeting the warm brown color of her eyes.

“No…I’m actually married”, I repeated in what seemed like shock.

“Um…I think it’s a little too late for cold feet, Lauren”, the younger woman said with a gentle laugh.

“That’s not what I mean”, I immediately made sure but smiled as well now. “When people are going to ask me, I can say that I’m married now. Not to be self-loathing but I kind of made peace with the idea that I wouldn’t get married. To be honest, I had accepted that I would probably end up alone because of my career and the fact that I’m quite the handful. I just…didn’t think someone would want to be with me for forever or would want to…claim me.”

I blinked a few times and realized that I was just speaking without thinking. As soon as my gaze lifted and met her eyes again, there was warmth spreading throughout my entire body when it dawned on me that I was looking at my wife.

“Well, I’m claiming you”, she whispered and squeezed my hand assuredly. “You’re mine”, the voice added with a subtle smirk before leaning in. The full lips connected with mine in a soft kiss as I inhaled deeply and enjoyed her being so affectionate. It was definitely one of the things I adored most about her. People had often told me that I was quite touchy but Camila took things to another level ever since we had been together. Her last words only reinforced how possessive the younger woman could be at times. But it was just what I needed sometimes; the knowledge that I was wanted.

Releasing me from the tender kiss, her eyes wandered to the other side of the town car where Ally was sitting. She looked rather distraught and I had completely forgotten about her being there at that point.

“Ally? Are you ok?”, Camila asked carefully.

“Yeah”, the oldest suddenly squealed enthusiastically which caused a bigger smile on my lips. “I was just replaying your vows in my head. Gosh, you were both so cute. I can’t wait to show the footage to everyone else! But I have to say that I almost don’t want to show Troy.”

“What, why?”, I questioned confused.

“Because we spent weeks preparing our vows and they honestly weren’t half as good as yours …which were improvised”, Ally explained.

“It’s not a competition”, the woman next to me interjected. “You can’t compare something like that. Besides, I was at your wedding and your vows were perfect.”

“Really?”, the Texan sought validation with only a hint of uncertainty.

“Beyond perfect”, Camila reiterated with no hesitation.

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