Chapter 16

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Hey guys! So I’m so sorry for the huge wait on this. As most of you know, my grandma was really sick. It scared me to death. I even had to skip some days of school so I could take care of her. I hope you guys understand. However, she’s feeling so much better now. So to celebrate here’s a chapter 16. Let’s say fifteen votes to motivate me for next chapter? 20 votes for a Weston’s POV? Dedicated to her ^ cause she commented about my grams (: THANKS GIIRL !


Xo, zabelle06

I flopped down on my bed, sighing as I did so. It felt good to finally relax after a long, hot day. My hair was in a high, messy bun and I was already in my pajamas. Wearing those skinny jeans and that flared top was suffocating me the whole day. I took a deep breath, relishing the cold air that left goose bumps on my legs and arms.

Yeah, you probably guessed. We went shopping the whole day. Buying cloth for the dresses, silverware, having a meeting with the caterer and the party designer, purchasing wedding favors, trying food and drinks, and so much more.

My legs were hurting like hell and my body was as stiff as cardboard. I’m sure that when I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be sore to the bone. I didn’t even want to eat dinner because fatigue was getting in the way. Yep, that’s how tired I was.

And no, I did not invite my so - called “boy friend”. Besides, I didn’t have one. So I pretended that my boy friend spent the day with his father. I don’t consider it lying, I was pretending. Those are two different things, right?

Then, my thoughts drifted to Weston. He wasn’t my boy friend, but somehow, he came to mind. I involuntarily smiled while I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. He seemed so normal. It seemed like he was just a hormonal teenage boy with problems like everybody else. There seemed to be nothing about him supernatural and scary, even though he was a werewolf. I wonder why he doesn’t talk about it often and whenever I ask him about werewolves, he’ll answer, but quickly digress.

I could slowly feel my heavy lids start to fall and the darkness tugging me. My breathing became heavy as I was completely relaxed. I hugged the pillow closest to me and invited sleep.

‘I’m at a payphone,

Trying to call home.

All of my change I spent on you…’

Maroon 5 sang from my cell phone. My eyes had a hard time adjusting to the glow emitting from my phone. I groaned and stuck my hand out, grabbing my phone on the lamp stand. Who the hell would be calling this late at night? 

“Hello?” I groaned into the phone when I answered it, forgetting to check who it was.

“Seriously, Ells? Maroon 5?” I heard Weston’s humored voice from the other end. “I’m outside, by the way.”

I flipped onto my back, rubbing my eyes with my free hand. “What? I love them! And what did you just call me? And great! Stay outside!”

“Ells. My new nickname for you.” I didn’t reply. Because of my silence, he thought I didn’t get it, so he proceeded to explain to me. “You know, since your name is DaniELLa and then I added an S-“

“I get it,” I said sternly, scratching my face.

“Gosh, someone’s on their period.”

“Unlike you, I don’t have my period every day.” Suddenly, an idea crawled its way into my head and a sinister smile stretched onto my face. “Oh, now I got a nick name for you!” I laughed evilly into the phone. “Dot.”

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