How To Find a Boy-Fry in Toronto

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Let me guess, you're a HTBTBTW reader? *wink wink, nudge nudge*

If I guessed wrong, you're probably confused about the whole "boy-fries" thing...

Random Reader: What the hell is a boy-fry?

Reader of HTBTBTW: *rolls eyes*

Me: It's a teenage mutant ninja...boy-fry?

I'm very cringey as you can tell.

Anyways, let's get down to business to defeat the, I-mean-tell-you-the-rules-before-you-continue-with-the-story!

1. Do not repost on any other sight or else I will bestow a curse upon you. :)

2. Please do not advertise your works here. There are places for that. :)

3. Do not copy my work, because, hello, it's freaking mine! I work hard to make my stories, so please don't steal. You can probably write better than me anyways! You'll get a PIZZA me if you do steal my work! :)

4. Please don't give unnecessary hate. Constructive criticism and opinion sharing is always welcome, but I think spamming hate on every single paragraph is just being jerky. But I mean, you do you boo.

5. To people who haven't read HTBTBTW, you'll still understand this because it is a prequel. I also suggest reading HTBTBTW after this. (If you're interested.)

That's all! Let's get on with the story!

WARNING: Too many boy-fries and too much love. Even I don't understand why I'm writing this.

P.S. Why finding a boy-fry in TORONTO? Because Toronto is pretty awesome. :)

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