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Mason's POV

"He was here."

No. He can't come here. What if Clarke was here? What if he laid his nasty hands on her? What if- "Mason... it's alright. He's not here anymore." Clarke steps in front of me, cupping my face in her hands forcing me to make eye contact. I look away quickly.

I shake my head breathing heavily "N-no he was here he could have hurt you." I hurriedly pull her to me, breathing in the skin below her ear. "But he didn't." She mumbles into my chest. I start running my hands all over her body, chest heaving up and down.

"Mason, you need to calm down. I'm fine, I'm right here." She places my hand over her beating heart. I finally look into her eyes seeing the pleading look in her green orbs. I sigh and pull her close again, surrounding her with my wings. I hold her as close as physically possible with my nose pressed up against her cheek, still with labored breaths.

I can feel Clarke start to wiggle a bit, I hold her tighter to me afraid she'll disappear. She finally reaches up and threads her fingers through my hair, lightly kissing my jaw. I let out a shaky breath closing my eyes. She kisses up to my cheek, having to stretch on her tippy toes.

Her scent overrides my senses, I feel her soft lips on my face, I'm wrapped around her small form pressing her flush up against me. And I start to slowly calm down and transform back to my normal state. And all I can think is,

I love this girl.

"Clarke." I breathe out picking her up so her legs are wrapped around my waist burying my face into the side of her neck. I slowly walk over to her bed and gently lay Clarke on her back with me laying on top of her, placing my head on her chest.

She kisses the top of my head and then raises it so I'm looking into her eyes. "There's nothing to be afraid of, I doubt whoever this is will try to do anything. After all, they claim to be in love with me. I know if you were in love with someone you would do absolutely nothing to harm them."

If only you knew.

I grumble out an 'I know' and hug her tighter. My sweet angel, she has no idea what I feel for her. She probably thinks I only see her as some girl I was assigned to guard.

She's much more than that.

She's my soulmate. I know she is beyond the shadow of a doubt. I was assigned her for a reason, the man upstairs had to know all about this. He had to have planed this.

My train of thought crashes when I feel my baby tense underneath me. "What's wrong angel?" I hover above her, pushing some hair out of her face.

"N-nothing I just... I just had a thought." I furrow my eyebrows. "What was your thought?" I don't want anything bothering my angel.

"Well, you know how there's angels, I think a lot of people don't actually think you're real. Well, if you guys are real... does that mean demons are real also?" Clarke looks up at me with those doe eyes of hers in wonderment.

I sigh looking down for a second and then back up at her, placing my hand on her cheek. "Yes, demons are real, but us angels are here to protect you from them. They often take human form like we do, to try to persuade you humans into doing things you shouldn't." I try to explain as best as I can.

She gasps with big eyes "you guys can take human form?" I nod at my little girl with a smile.

So adorable.

"Wow can you tell them apart? How do they hide their wings? I saw this one movie where they had laser eyes! Do you have laser eyes?"

"Whoa there." I chuckle "that's enough questions for tonight, right now you should go to sleep."

"But my homew-"

"Your homework that's due tomorrow is from that Smith guys class, and I'm sure he'll understand if you told him the circumstances. Now go to sleep." I kiss her head. She grumbles a bit but soon falls into sweet slumber. I get up off of her sitting on the side of her bed.

I'm not going to be getting any sleep tonight.


Clarke stands at the stove cooking eggs while swaying her hips to a tune only she can hear. She looks beautiful while doing so, she looks beautiful doing anything.

I glare at Oliver as he walks in stretching and yawning. "Oh good morning Clarke. You're up early." She stops dancing and looks up at him then turning to flip an egg.

"I fix mom breakfast in the mornings." She explains.

"Oh I see, that's very kind of you." He smiles, pouring himself a cup of coffee. I place my chin on top of Clarke's head and my hands on her hips slowly saying us back and forth. I can feel how cold she is so I use my warmth to help her out. She hums in appreciation.

"Good morning Oliver." Lisa walks in the kitchen in her robe. She makes her way to Oliver who was sitting at the breakfast bar and immediately locks lips.

Clarke awkwardly clears her throat causing them to pull away. "Oh I'm sorry sweetie, I didn't see you there." Her mother chirps. I roll my eyes, must you be so careless woman?

After a very awkward breakfast we are on our way to school.

"Have a great day sweetie." Lisa calls out. "You too mom." Clarke replies closing the car door. Lisa never made an effort until it would look good to her new husband.

Clarke makes it to her first class sitting down with a huff. It's still a few minutes till class starts. She holds her hand out beside her, knowing I'm sitting right there. I gently squeeze her hand, placing a soft kiss on it. She blushes and looks down, good.

Clarke's phone vibrates, she furrows her brows pulling out her phone. It shows she has a text from an unknown number.

Unknown number:
You know, it's rude to not read letters when you know someone worked really hard on it for you kitten.

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