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                   Clarke's POV

Well great he has my phone number now. I can feel how tense Mason is just by holding his hand. I pull it up to my lips and lightly kiss his palm. "It's alright." I whisper. Mason nuzzles his face into my neck inhaling deeply.

The bell rings as the last few students walk in. Dylan and Victor spot me at the same time both making their way over. Dylan sits beside me causing Victor to glare  at him and take the seat behind me.

"Now class take out your workbooks and turn to page

I let go of mason's hand and flip through my workbook, he wraps his arms around my waist with his head still in my neck. I can feel his hot breath on me and tilt my head to the side because it tickles. I can feel him smile against my neck and place tiny kisses all over.

Dylan leans over and whispers "did you see how mad he looked? I told you, he likes you." I scrunch up the side of my face and shake my head at him. Victor reaches forward and pushes Dylan away from me. Dylan raises a brow at me and then turns his attention back to the teacher.


Making my way down the hall to Mr. Smiths class Victor runs up beside me. "Hey I was wondering if you were going to the football game this weekend?" I wonder why he's asking? I never go to school games. He obviously does because he's a part of the football team.

"Um no I usually stay in and, read." I whisper the last part realizing how weird that sounds. He chuckles "I like it when you blush, it's cute." My eyes go wide and I look up at him. Did he just call me cute?

Victor shakes his head smiling at me. "Would you like to cancel your plans and come to the game this weekend with me?" He bows and rotates his hand mocking a prince causing me to giggle. "I should like to accept your offer kind sir." I curtsy.

He laughs holding the classroom door open for me. Mr. Smith greets me "hello miss Clarke, how are you today?" He grins. "I'm doing good sir, how are you?" I politely respond. "Doing fantastic." He smiles softly. Victor gently pulls me over to a seat in the back taking the one beside me.

"Alright class, we're gonna change things up a bit." Everyone perks up, paying close attention. "I know I don't usually do assigned seats in my class, but we're gonna change that today." The classroom erupts with groans.

"Now, now I know some of you may not like this but it's going to help." Mr. Smith has everyone stand up and stand along the two side walls. He then called our names in order of where we will be seated. As names are being called Victor leans over and whispers "hopefully we'll get seated beside each other." And smirks down at me.

"Miss Clarke." I look up and see Mr. Smith smiling at me and pointing to a desk which I quickly take. I'm seated in the middle front row. Right in front of Mr. Smith.


I hop into Oliver's red truck and slam his door shut as he takes off. "How was school?" He asks.

"Well that's a very cliche question for my step dad to ask." I snort.

Oliver looks over at me with his eyebrows pinched together and his jaw clenched. I give him a questioning look and he looks back at the road clearing his throat.

"Yeah I guess it is." He forces a chuckle. "I thought we would get some take out, hows that sound?" He glances at me for a second. "Sounds good to me."

We arrive at the Chinese place and place our order. We sit on a bench waiting for our food to be ready. Oliver stretches and puts his arm behind my shoulder, I look up at him and he smiles down at me. "You know, you have beautiful eyes."

"Everyone's eyes are beautiful." I shrug. Oliver shakes his head "No, your mothers eyes are a dull brown, yours are an gorgeous emerald." I give him a shocked look. Did he just compare my eyes to my mothers, saying he likes mine better? A little weird but whatever.

The bell signaling a new costumer has arrived breaks our eye contact. I look up and am met with the eyes of Dylan. "Hey Dylan!" I stand up  and he hugs me. "Hey Clarke, what are you doing here?" He pauses and then closes his eyes realizing how stupid of a question that was.

I laugh quietly and feel Olivers hand on my shoulder. I look up at him and see a hard expression on his face. Dylan sees Oliver and his eyes widen for a second before he clears his throat and sticks out his hand. "Hello sir." Oliver firmly shakes his hand and holds intense eye contact.

Dylan sticks his hands in his pockets. "So what are you guys doing here?" I can tell he's actually asking what we are doing here together."

"Oh Oliver married mom last Friday so he lives with us now." Dylan nods his head, obviously shocked by what I just told him.

"Order 358!" An Asian lady shouts. "Why didn't you tell me he's living with you now?" Dylan whispers while Oliver walks over and grabs our order. I open my mouth about to answer when Oliver pulls my arm. "We better get going."

"Bye Dylan!" I shout as I get pulled out the door. "Well that was rude." I say and Oliver just shrugs. "I don't like that boy." He starts driving home. "Why not? He's been nothing but respectful to you and he even offered us a free meal last time we saw him."

"Something just doesn't feel right about that boy." He parks in our driveway and turns to me with a worried look. "Just be careful around him, okay?" I sigh looking down, then back up to his eyes. "Alright, but please be nice to him okay?"

He smiles grabbing my hand. "I will."


I wait by the curb with Ton-ton waiting for daddy to pick me up from school. "I can't wait to tell him about my new friend Ton-ton!" I squeal. It's been hard for me to find someone who wants to be friends with me, other than Ton-ton. But just when I thought I would never have another friend, I find one where I would least expect! Ton-ton chuckles kissing my cheek while holding my hand.

I see a car pull up and my mommy steps out with teary eyes. I run into her arms and gasp "what's wrong mommy? Where's daddy?" I ask worried.

She sniffs and pulls back looking into my eyes. "Daddy left for awhile." She smiles sadly. I furrow my eyebrows and feel Ton-ton rubbing my back. "How long? Where did he go?" I ask. Why would daddy just go on vacation without taking us with him?

"Well honey, I don't know. But we'll be fine alright?" I nod and hug mommy.

Hopefully daddy will come home soon so I can tell him about my new friend.


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