Chapter 33: In which I Rise

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Just like moons,

Just like suns,

With the Certainty of tides.

Just like hopes

Springing high.

Still I'll rise.

~Maya Angelou

I woke with a start

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I woke with a start.

It was dark outside and I heard shuffling and the sound of something sniffing behind the door.

"Is she behind there?"

There was a low whining sound, and a scratch on the door. I knew from the smell it was a wolf and another person.

I was to numb though to register who.

It didn't work, I thought through the thick cloud.

The solution didn't work.

I did not know what was going on or why I could not move my body. I felt my eyelids able to open and close and my eyes could roam the room and look- but I could not move.

I couldn't feel my body.

Like there was nothing attached to me but my soul and mind.

There was a loud banging on the door as swearing issued forth, "damn it's locked."

A few minutes later I heard a loud clicking noise and the sound of two people walking in.

My eyes flickered up and saw Jasmine and Yasmine.

Yasmine rushed forward, her hands hovering over me in worry.

"What's wrong! Fayette?"
Jasmine looked around the room before walking towards us, "she needs medical attention," she whispered to her sister as she looked down at me, "I'm not sure if we can move her though."

Tentatively Jasmine started to poke at various places around my body. She glanced at me, telling me to whine or yelp if I hurt anywhere.

I could not tell her that I didn't even feel her hands.

"I think we can carry her," Jasmine said, urgency now in her voice, "We'll have to both do it."

"Why can't we call someone here?" Yasmine said.

"Look around Yasmine," Jasmine hissed, "This is her secret- this is where she's been going to all these weekends. She doesn't want anyone to know. There is a reason for that. We need to hurry and lift her."
Both of the girls struggled to pick up my wolf. I hung limply in their arms.

"What's wrong with her?" Yasmine said, fear clear in her voice.

Jasmine bent down, letting Yasmine struggle alone with my weight. She looked through my bag with urgency before pulling out my small bag of Agravain. Giving the contents inside a small sniff, Jasmine quickly pulled back and gagged.

"It's Agravain. I've been exposed. We need to get to medical. She's been poisoned, and now I've been also."

Jasmine sealed the bag away and placed it back in my bag.

She helped grab some of my weight from her sister as they both rushed me out.

Yasmine let go and quickly locked the door behind her.

"Let's go," she said.

The science building was far off from campus, and I could hear their strained breaths as they struggled to carry me.

They were already strong from their werewolf genes and training, but carrying a full grown wolf, who was completely limp and holding none of her weight was something else.

Finally we reached the medical wing.

"Help!" Yasmine yelled.

The night staff rushed forward and assessed the situation.

Several people quickly pulled a rolling bed and urged the twins to set me down on it.

"We found her- I think she's been poisoned to Agravain and left without treatment for a long time."

Yasmine spoke up, "there was some poison left on her and my sister was exposed, please help her also."

The staff nodded and one man stepped forward and took Jasmine aside.

The medical team on me quickly checked my vitals, "Why is she in her wolf?"

"These tests are showing it's been in her system for almost six hours- that's impossible."

"She should be dead."
I felt a drum of pleasure in my mind. My experiment had result in small success.

They pricked me, shooting me up with something that made my eyes drop and lose focus. I felt the world turn black once again as they rushed me down a hallway.

 I felt the world turn black once again as they rushed me down a hallway

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