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a sigh came out from youngmin's lips when his call couldn't reach doyeon for the numerous times already. he messed his hair as he growled before he threw his phone somewhere in his room in anger.

its been days already since the fight and since then youngmin (or even woojin) couldn't reach doyeon. she took a break from the office, she didn't pick up the calls, she didn't read the messages that he sent, the landlady of her apartment informed him that doyeon told her that she's going out for days and left the keys with her when she found youngmin knocking her door.

donghyun, his best friend, could only shake his head when he saw youngmin, who was looking like a total mess as he was staring blankly at the wall across him when donghyun walked into his hyung's room. it was definitely a scary sight for donghyun.

"you look like something that i flushed this morning." and a groan from youngmin could be heard after that which made the younger slapped his mouth rapidly, hoping he could take his words back.

youngmin swayed his body to the back and forth with his head hanging low. "i don't know where is she, donghyun."

"could she be in busan?"

"i already asked my brother to check her house and no, she isn't there."

a silence filled the room after that. youngmin was busy staring the wall since he couldn't think of anything else and donghyun, well, he was busy thinking for another possibility. he rubbed his chin and squinted his eyes, being extra like usual, before he turned his head to the older one.

"hyung, have you check every place that she frequently goes to?" youngmin nodded his head, "are you sure you checked every place?"

"i did!–"

and a place, one place that doyeon regularly went to, pop up in his head – and donghyun gave him an 'i know you haven't' look to youngmin, who was looking for his phone, that he threw before somewhere, in hurry movement.

a bell could be heard in the middle of yoojung and doyeon's movie time. with heavy steps, yoojung walked to open the door in annoyed but the sight of the guest surprised her. she pushed the guest lightly and closed the door behind her before doyeon could see a glimpse of the guest.

"ya! are you crazy, woojin?" yoojung snapped at him in a low voice. "what the hell are you doing here?"

"i want to see her, yoojung. please." he begged. "just for a minute."

yoojung knitted her eyebrows together, crossing her arms in front of her chest when she replied him. "what are you going to say to her anyway? why can't you see that she can't be with you, woojin?"

and the truth hit woojin. what yoojung said it's right – no matter how he tried to get close to her. he could never be in the same position where youngmin is. she's in love with youngmin; he could see that from her eyes, clearly, but he doesn't want to acknowledge that fact. she has never been out of love when it comes to youngmin.

"yoojung, what taking you so–"

doyeon shut herself immediately when she saw woojin in front of the door. they both stared at each other for a moment before doyeon broke their eye-contact and woojin took a sudden action to stop her from closing the door.

"let's have a talk, doyeon." his voice was fragile when he talked to her. "please."

she slowly released her grip from the door while biting her lips in nervous as she nodded her head at him. "l-let's have a talk outside."

on their walk to the park in front of the apartment, the tension between them felt so uncomfortable. none of them talked and they weren't even walking side by side like they used to; even as a friend. they took a seat on one of the benches, still in silence, before woojin decided to squat down in front of her to see her face, that she hid from him.

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