Chapter 6: I Don't Care!

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Sorry but this chapter is gonna have a little swearing toward the end. Just letting you know. You have been warned.
I opened my door slightly and poked my head out. I saw Blaze walking down the hall to his room.

"Pst! Blaze! Over here!" I whisper yelled, waving my hand franitaclly in the air trying to get his attention while looking around for Dominic.

He turned in my direction. "What?" He whisper yelled back.

"Is it okay to come out now!?" That's right. It's been three days since the whole pink eye incident, I'm pretty sure Dominic has forgotten all about this stuff but I'm just being cautious.

"Yeah. You can come out." He nodded at me, giving me a thumbs up.

I opened my door wider and stepped out. Fresh air. How I missed you. What? It gets stuffy in my room and I'm to afraid to leave the room because I think I'm gonna accidentally see Dominic and him interrogate me.

Let me tell you something. I don't like being interrogated. At all. Besides that (and a few other things), I'm a happy potato. Just don't get me angry. You wouldn't like me if I was angry.

Plus the only thing I did for the past three days was eat, drink, shower, and sleep. Basically it. Speaking of showers, I need one. I'll be back.

"You are only going to be here for a limited time because after twenty five days, you will be transported to a different location so you can meet the person that wants to see you." Blaze said a hint of sadness in his voice. Aww little Blakey is gonna miss me!!  Wait...

"But I don't want to meet someone I don't know! What if he is like a pedofile or a molester that somehow found out about me? I don't want to go, please!" I cried giving them my most trustable puppy dog eyes.

Oh, sorry, you are probably wondering what's going on. Simple, I'm asking Blake and Dominic when I'll be able to go home or if I'm able to go home. As you can see, it's gonna take a while. Sigh.

Dominic shook his head and looked at me with his normal, non pink eye. Thank gosh he forgot. "Nope. It's final, your going. And if it's a molester or a pedophile, oh well. We still get paid."

Blake glared at Dominic and smacked him on the head. "Shut up Dom. Your not making this any easier."

"Ow you dildo head!" he growled rubbing the spot where he hit him. "

"Sorry sweetheart. He's kidding. We did a background check just to see if he's bad news."

I rolled my eyes. "Yet you don't know his name or even simple stuff." Dominic glared at me. "Unless his name is Caca Poopy Face, then we don't know his name."

I bursted out laughing, clutching my stomach. "C-caca... Poopy.... F-face.... Hahaha!" After a minute or two I calmed down, wiping a tear.

"Are you done?" Dominic asked bored and irritated. That cause another round of laughter.

Five minutes later....

"So, he actually put that as his name? Can you even do that? Isn't that like illegal or something?" They both shrugged there shoulders.

"No. I think he either hacked into the system and changed it,  some sort of messed up glitch, or if his parents actually named him that. Pretty sad if it's the last one." Blaze said after a while.

"But when can I go home?" I wailed.

"Don't know, don't care. Better yet, die." Dominic fake yawned. Blake hit him on the head again.

"Ouch you fricken cow!" He yelled angrily.

"Shut up Dominic!" Blaze roared. I stifled my laugh. "Sorry again sweetheart. After dropping you off to the location, he will give us our money, take you and leave." He explained.

I gasped. "Are you serious?! You are just going to leave me with some stranger that might be a cereal killer while you get paid?! That's f-ed up!" I yelled.

"Actually... It's serial killer not cereal killer...." Dominic said. I felt my ears go warm. Not because of embarrassment, no, because I am getting really mad.

"Will you stop being such a fucking smart ass!? Cause I'm done with your bullcrap! Both of you! I'm done with both of your bullcrap! When I say I don't want to leave with a stranger, then I don't go with a stranger! I don't fucking care if if you get paid or not either!" I inhaled a breath before continuing.

Aww boo hoo, I didn't get money! But you know what?! I don't care! I don't care! I DON'T CARE!!! I don't care if you have or don't have money! I don't care if you want me to go with a stranger, cause I won't! So Caca Poopy Head or whatever his name is, and both of You can go fuck yourselves! Cause... I. DON'T. FUCKING. CARE." I screamed at the top of my lungs, and huffing at the end. I glared at the both of them before storming up to my room.

Told you you wouldn't like me if I was angry. Please excuse my potty mouth. I'm sorry.

Dominic's POV

When I say I was shocked, was a understatement. I looked at Blake and he had the same expression I had. Shock. Complete utter shock.

"That was.... Something." I mumbled. "Agreed. Well... That's a new side of Maya where I never want to see again. Ever." Blake said running his hand threw his hair.

Yup. Never had I heard that brat cuss or swear. Not even raise her voice! Not once. Well, unless it involved food. But I don't like it. I like the regular, silly, annoying, and childish Maya. Not this...Why do I feel like this? Why do I care?

It's not like I have a choice here. I have to give Maya over. It's not that I don't want her here.... I grown attach to her, heck even Blake.... But I have to get the money. No. I need to get the money. For my mom.... I'm sorry Maya.... Forgive me...

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