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                   Clarke's POV

Mr. Smith said he would do more research on the stationary and see what else he can come up with, but until then to relax and call if I need any help. I think he's being so sweet helping me out, I hope he can find out whoever this is.

I look out the window of Oliver's truck as he drives me home. "How was your day?" He glances at me. Mason moves his head from my neck, I'm assuming looking at Oliver, only to place it right back where it was, fluttering small kisses.

"It was okay, not much homework so that's a plus." Oliver nods his head while turning into our drive. Once he parks I try to get out but he locks the door. I turn towards him in confusion seeing him already turned towards me.

"You look nice today." Mason raises his head from my neck and grips my arm gently.

"Thanks." I mutter once again pulling on the handle hoping he'd get the hint. "No really, I mean it. Especially when you wear those shorts, I'm assuming they were for PE?" Olivers glacier blue eyes turn dark as they trail down my legs. I hear Mason let out a small growl.

"Yeah." I had really bad cramps during PE because of the running he had us do and couldn't find my Tylenol Mason poked in my bag. I ended up spending all my time finding pain relief and never got to change, if I did I would have been late for class.

I look out the side window attempting to avoid conversation. "How do you manage to smell so sweet" I turn to see Oliver much closer, he apparently scooted across the bench seat when I was looking away. I can feel mason's claws starting to poke out but he doesn't allow them to pierce my skin.

I chuckle nervously "I don't know, hey let's go in, I'm starving."

"So am I." Oliver growls out pushing me against the door, leaning closer when his phone rings. He groans and answers with a harsh "what?" His face softens when he hears my mothers voice on the other end of the line. He nods agreeing to whatever she had said. When he hangs up he looks over at me. "So what do you want for supper?"


I'm reading a book on my bed after doing my homework, I know most people would want to watch a movie or something but I really enjoy reading. My phone dings indicating I received a text. I reach for my phone off the floor where I left it, groaning when it's just out of reach.

A deep chuckle resounds behind me. Mason reaches his super long wing over and pushes my phone closer enabling me to reach it. "Thanks." I smile at him sitting beside me. Mason smiles back looking down at me, suddenly he jumps at me, wrapping me up in his wings and arms causing us to fall backwards with him on top, making us a tangle of limbs. Mason hums rubbing his nose in my hair.

"Mason." I whine. "Clarke." He mocks. I slap his head causing him to laugh. I reach over grabbing my phone to read the text I received a minute ago. I slide my phone open to see an unknown number causing dread and fear to grow inside my chest. Mason must feel the change of atmosphere when he removes his face from my hair where he was just inhaling deeply. "What's wrong?" I hold my phone up reading the text aloud.

Unknown number: hello, Just thought I would check up on you.

"Who is that?" Mason asks sounding upset. "I have no idea." I answer shakily. I type out my reply hoping they will answer quickly.

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