Chapter 34: In Which I Go

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I didn't come this far

to only come this far.

I woke up to the familiar sound of beeping

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I woke up to the familiar sound of beeping.

The pressure of air in my nose filled me once more.

Only this time I wasn't human.

And Alto was not beside me.

I was alone.

There was no one in my medical room to greet me as I woke.

I laid there, and assessed my body and the damage.

I could move my legs. My ears twitched and my tail flopped.

I could move.

A low whine filled the back of my throat as I rejoiced at the sensation of feeling that had returned to me.

It wasn't until two hours later that a doctor and Yasmine finally came in.

"Afternoon Fayette," the doctor said, smiling down at me.

I looked up at him and glanced at Yasmine.

She gave me a small comforting smile.

"Fayette, I know this is sudden, but I need you to transform back. I need to make sure everything is okay."
I looked up at the doctor with pleading eyes.

Part of me was dying on the inside at the thought of transforming back.

Another part of me was confused on how to even go about it.

"She doesn't know how," Yasmine said, somehow able to read the worry in my eyes, "She probably transformed as a defense against the poison."

The doctor nodded his head slowly.

"In that case Fayette, I will have to give you a drug that will force you to transform. Would you like to be under while it happens?"
This doctor knew all too well my thoughts. I whined softly in the back of my throat. The doctor smiled and stepped forward, adjusting the tubing on a machine to make clear liquid go into me faster.

A few minutes later I felt the drowsy effect of the drug enter me. My eyes slowly found Yasmine. I wanted to ask her how Jasmine was, but I could wait until actual words could be said.


I woke up much the same as how I did last time.

Alone and with no accompaniment other than the machine's noise.

I sighed and looked around. I froze at what I saw.

Thursday. It was Thursday.

I scrambled in my mind to count back the day.

I had taken the poison on Saturday.

The days that had flown by baffled me. I had wasted so much time.

I looked at my legs and slowly placed them over the side.

Fayette. I talked to myself willing my inner side to become stronger, you have to pull yourself together and get this done. Act strong. Act tough. Be the sun. You can do this.

I saw some clothes on the side and pulled them on. It hurt every time I moved.

I opened the door and walked out.

Of course it wouldn't be that simple that no one would notice me.


The same doctor I had seen earlier rushed towards me, grabbing my hand. It took all my effort to not wince at the pain that shot down me.

"What are you doing? Lay back down."
I smiled up at him and took a step back, "I'm actually feeling a lot better," To demonstrate this point I twirled around and jumped.

He looked at me with calculating eyes- trying to decide if I was lying or not.

"You shouldn't push it..."

"I'm missing school and I feel okay. Can you please just let me out?" I tried for whiney now.

He sighed and grabbed my arms, feeling them. It took all my effort to not scream in pain.

"I are okay..." he looked at me in disbelief, "Any normal person should be in bed for weeks."

I just smiled. I knew this because it was not the first time I was poisoned. This told me that some small part of my experiment had given me a resistance to the Agravain.

"Can I ask what you use to help Agravain poisoning?"

The doctor nodded and said, "Nycomy."

"Nycomy," I tossed the word around in my mind before smiling at the doctor again, "alright thanks."
He watched me as I walked down the hall and out the doors. It was getting darker outside- the sun already going down. I sighed in frustration.

I had been so close.

I had a paved road now though. The first few sets laid out in front of me. I wasn't grasping at thin air or explainable things. I had a solution now. All I needed would be to keep at it and improve it slowly.

The first thing I needed to do though was get some Nycomy.

The first thing I needed to do though was get some Nycomy

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