Chapter 3

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The elevator doors have shut. I'm about to black out.

Lucifer unexpectedly slips his left arm out from underneath my waist. I stumble back, surprised. That's it?

"I'm so sorry." He laughs.

He actually sounds like a girl, seriously.

"You're sorry?... For what?" I reply hesitantly.

"Well... "

"You have to marry me." Snickering, his shoes scuff the floor. "I despise this more than you do, trust me."

What is he talking about?  I feel like his personality completely changed. Is it because his father's not here?

Then again, I don't know this boy.

The queasy feeling in my stomach arrives again. I stare at the elevator door blankly.

I look over and notice that he looks as sick as I do.

Bing. We are already passing Level 7.

He sighs.

"First off, you should know this in advance: Mr. Roselyn—my father—is insane. You do not know his agenda. Don't tell him anything important. Please." He grips my hand tightly as if without thought, sending sparks of adrenaline up my arm.

I tug my hand out of his.

"Really? I think he's the coolest guy here," I say with a scowl. He's really the only guy I like around here.

"Just— you better not, okay?" He raises his pre-pubescent voice with annoyance.

Is everyone here a little prick? First Enrico and now him.

"Give me an example of something he's done wrong."

"That... is not your business yet."

The elevator doors open. This is level 5. Looks like a simple hotel floor. It smells clean and welcoming.

The past half hour has been so crazy, but this part seems... familiar. I am slightly relieved.

Instead of leading me, he points to the first hallway and stays closely behind me. "To the left, Sunshine." I can feel his soft breath on my neck.

"It's not Sunshine, it's Summer." I start walking.

He laughs. "I know that. I'm still gonna call you Sunshine."I half-pout and half-smile. Is this how Enrico felt?

"Okay then... Moonshine," I say playfully while I continue walking.

"Moonshine? Hey. At least yours isn't an alcoholic beverage."He lightly fists the back of my shoulder.

I suddenly stop from running into the doors at the end of the hallway.

"Did we go too far?" I ask.

"We've only kissed, Sunshine."He steps in front of me with a grin and pushes the door open.

Wow. This looks amazing...

As I walk through the polished tile bathroom and into the astonishingly huge bedroom (with a roomy open window), I squeal.

I can't even (stop being a white girl).

The scenic view outside is darkened, but in the morning, I'm sure that's where you will find me. It looks like there is a small balcony outside.

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