Tenth Doctor

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"Doctor!" You cry out as the giant maggot slithers toward you faster than a car.

"Almost got it!" The urgency in The Doctor's voice was crystal clear as he slammed his sonic screwdriver against his hand.

Finally, whatever The Doctor was trying to get his sonic screwdriver to do worked, he pointed it at the maggot hurling at you. Said maggot exploded, disgusting slime splatters over the both of you.

"Right, well..." The Doctor nods to himself, putting his sonic screwdriver away.

"What is this?" You wipe some of the slime off of you.

"Maggot slime, very bad; don't get it in your mouth or open wounds." He brushes some slime off his suit.

"Great heads up." You sarcastically roll your eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, come on." He grabs your hand pulling you towards wherever the Tardis is at.

Your heart flutters as his hand connects with yours. It's a feeling you've never felt before The Doctor, even now it still freaks you out a bit; but there's no denying that you are completely in love with the two hearted Time Lord. That simple fact scares you, your entire life changed when The Doctor ran into you, there's no possible way you could go back to the way your life was. You can't fuck up your friendship with the alien cause your stupid ass fell face first into a puddle of feelings.

"Where to next?" The Doctor voices the question once back in the Tardis.

"My flat; I need a shower." You're still covered in maggot slime, "So do you." You add, eyeing the slime all over him, the whole right side of his suit is practically wet.


After you're clean, you sit on the sofa waiting for The Doctor to get out of the shower. Your eyes fell shut as drowsiness swept over you, it was getting late and the human body can only stay up for so long, going from potentially fatal to relaxing fun adventures, without sleep.

"(Y/n)?" You hear his voice but don't open your eyes.

"Come on. It's not good to sleep on the sofa." He says gently.

"But I'm comfy." You can't help but pout.

"Your bed will be more comfy." He used your word, making you chuckle.

You sigh opening your eyes, and damn are you happy you did. The Doctor looks so cute with his shaggy brown hair wet and just barely dripping with water. You're overcome with a need to tell the doctor everything, your feelings for him, and your... biology.

"Doctor..." You trail off not knowing if you can do it. You mentally shake your head, you have to. "I need to tell you something..."

"What is it?" He sits on the sofa next to you.

"Well, first, I need to tell you something about me." You thought it best to start off with your gender. "I'm transgender, I was born a female." Your voice shook a bit but you wanted to get straight to the point, no use beating around the bush.

"That doesn't matter to me, (Y/n). You're still the fantastic bloke you've always been." He takes your hand into his, making your heart skip a beat.

"You don't think I'm a freak?" You whisper not looking at him. You lost most of your family, you don't want to lose him either. But if you are, you'd rather get it over with.

"No. No, of course not, love." His hand caresses your cheek making you look at him. "You're not a freak. You're (Y/n). I don't know much about this kind of thing, so you're going to have to educate me, but from what I do know, it's not something you choose. You either are or aren't, that doesn't make you a freak." He wipes a tear as it rolls down your cheek.

"I have feelings for you, Doctor." You whisper before you chicken out. Without a word the alien leans in kissing you. His lips are soft and warm, they taste lightly of mint.

"I'm glad you do, one sided feelings are terrible." He smiles at you, your heart melts at such a beautiful sight.

"You mean..." You trail off not wanting to get your hopes up.

"Yes, I have had feelings for you for so long. I just never could tell if you did as well or not." You wrap your arms around him in a much needed hug.

"Come on, let's get you to bed." He whispers, wrapping his arms around you, returning the hug.

"Will you lay with me?" You felt stupid for asking but you wanted to feel him next to you, to fall asleep in his arms.

"Of course, love." He says pulling back from the hug.

Taking your hand he leads you to the bedroom in your small flat. He lays down next to you, wrapping his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. You smile into the darkness letting your eyes fall shut. As you drift into the blissful world of dreams, you wonder what adventures tomorrow will hold.

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