5. Patient Zero

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  I watch in horror as Zero lays on the ground, writhing in agony.

      In the background there's shouting shouting, and I rush for the metal door, pushing past Sylvia who is escorted away from the room by guards. I burst into the room, immediately running over and crashing onto my knees besides Zero.

     "Zero! It's okay! You're fine!" I know I'm supposed to be calming him, but I can't stop shouting.

     Guards file in along with my dad and Mrs. Clark. A doctor and two nurses rush forward, using equipment to check his heart and see how he's being affected by the electricity. I try to look over the Doctor's shoulder at the notes he's scribbling, but his handwriting is so bad I can't make out anything useful.

 Suddenly, they stop working and take a step back, just watching him shudder on the floor in pain.

     "What are you doing? Help him!" I urge, but they just look at me.

       "Honey, he should be fine in a minute. He will be feeling pain for a few hours, but then he'll be as good as new." A nurse says, smiling warmly at me.

      I'm slightly shocked the bolts didn't kill him, but I'm also grateful. If he died, I don't think I could bear working here any more, knowing this lab captured a person only for that person to be killed by the one of the workers they hired. 

Speaking of hiring, I glance at Mrs. Clark, who's watching Zero with interest. did she even do a background check before hiring these people? Not that I have anything against Shy and Jack, but Sylvia is one hundred percent a psychopath. Did Mrs. Clark not know this?

     "Well we still have to help him. We can't just leave him on the floor." I push.

      Mrs. Clark steps forward, putting a hand on my shoulder.

     "Actually, I think that's a wonderful idea, Ashley. You can take care of him."

     My mouth falls open, but I shut it, knowing it's useless. It seems like I'm the only one who cares for his well being.

      "When was the last time he was fed?" I ask.

        "He hasn't eaten anything since we got him," Mrs. Clark informs me, seeming curious into how this will play out.
         "It's been almost a week! Okay, whatever, I need some bread, a glass of water, the farm animal book, and the coloring notepad, as soon as possible!" Part of me enjoys shouting orders like that, and I take glee in watching people scurry around to do my orders. "You," I say, pointing to a guard. "Help me get him onto the bed."

     Together, we lift him up, but he's so heavy, I have to call a third person. Once he's on the bed, I pull the thin covers over him, putting his head on the pillow. The whole time he's groaning in pain, his eyes squeezed shut.

     I tell the guards to leave once all of the things I asked for are delivered to the room, and wash my hands in his sink.

 I hear a loud groan and turn to see Zero waking up, his eyelids fluttering before he looks around wildly. I'm guessing that's due to the electricity coursing through him......He'll be blind for a few minutes, maybe even an hour.

     I hear him growling, probably thinking he's still in danger.

      "Zero! It's me! It's Ashie," I say, going to the cot and putting my hand on his shoulder. He tenses at first, but relaxes when he hears my voice.

     "Ashie," He moans, taking my hand and squeezing it. 

I jolt in pain, he's squeezing so tight, but I keep quiet for his benefit. Slowly, I try to detach my hand, replacing it with the blanket.

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