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Clarke's POV

I turn toward Oliver and smile, handing him his plate.

"We need to talk." He abruptly states.


I furrow my brows together taking a seat at the dinner table. "Okay, what about?" I take a bite of spaghetti while Oliver takes the seat directly across from me.

"Well I have an old friend that I invited to supper tomorrow. I was wondering if that was okay with you?" I raise my brows in surprise, he's an adult he doesn't have to ask me, but he did anyways. How sweet of him.

I smile sweetly at him "that sounds great. Would you like me to fix dinner?" Oliver nods quickly swallowing his bite "that would be wonderful, thank you sweetie." He smiles.


I toss the salad together while humming a tune to myself dancing weirdly. I hear a deep chuckle behind me turning around to find Mason leaning against the island staring at me adoringly. I stick my tongue out at him scrunching my nose up and continue dancing. Oliver's luckily upstairs getting ready for his friend to come over, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this.

I smooth down my black dress Oliver wanted me to wear sighing. I move over to the oven and open it up to check the chicken. Once I see it's done I pull it out to let it cool, turning the oven off. I turn around but yelp when my face smacks into a hard chest. I giggle as Mason picks me up hugging me to him. He inhales the skin below my ear, sighing in content. "Oh that smell."

Mason quickly puts me down, turning invisible when we hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I turn around to see Oliver enter the kitchen adjusting his tie. He's wearing a nice button up with dress pants. He sniffs the air spotting me while smiling.

"Hey sweetie, smells great." He kisses my cheek, making me slightly uncomfortable.

He starts to wrap his arms around my waist when the doorbell goes off. Oliver chuckles "I'll get it." He whispers in my ear before walking off. I reach out blindly to feel Mason's hand grasp mine, I can feel he's so tense. I turn back to finish the salad while Mason wraps his arms around my waist. I can hear Oliver greeting his friend who oddly sounds Familiar.

Oliver turns the corner and a tall muscular man follows close behind, both laughing at whatever they were just talking about. The man lifts his head and I'm shocked at who I see.

"Mr. Smith?" I tilt my head smiling.

Mr. Smith turned towards me with a confused look on his face before grinning. "Clarke! I thought the address sounded familiar." He chuckled. I just smile and place the food on the table, Mr. Smith jumps to take the chicken from me trying to be a gentleman.

When I go to sit down Mr. Smith is quick to pull out my chair for me, then take the seat beside me. I blush not used to someone doing this, I look up to see a lightly miffed Oliver. We start eating while both men converse back and forth.

"I had no idea you have a daughter Oliver."

Oliver swallows his mouth full of food "well I married her mother, and it's the best thing I've ever done." Oliver says slowly looking me in the eye. I gulp and look down at my plate pushing my food around. Quite a character...

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