Oh no...

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       The note on the package says, "Watch your back -The Hunter." The note was spelling out in cut out magazine letters like a creepy serial killer, well shit. But what was even creepier was what was in package.
       There were pictures of me playing with Matt when I was just one years old, another of five year old Matt with me as I was fighting with a 4th grade bully (A fight which I won) then after pictures of every single birthday party I had, pictures of me with my hoodie and sun glasses then of me earlier today at the park.
      "I have a stalker..." I say. Marie just nods. "Great just great." I grit my teeth in annoyance. I send Kat a text to come over ASAP. In about a minute Kat was here and looking at everything.        
      "Wow" is all she says.
      "I know." I reply. "I wonder who it is." Marie says.
      "Me too." Kat and I say in unison. "Jinx! Double Jinx! Triple Jinx! Quad-" Kat and I are in each other's faces at this point.
       "STOP!" Marie yells  making us stop our childish scream fest. "Remember Arty is being stalked!" Marie screams.
       "Sorry?" I say more as a question making them laugh. I hear a knock on the door and I open it up to find my mother tapping her toe.
       "Go down stairs but before you do that at least make yourself decent." she demands.
       "Stop ordering me around." I spat.
       "You will listen to me! I'm your mother! Dont make me-" 
      "Hold up! First off you are NOT my mother! A mother is suppose to be there and love their child not abandon them! Second of all don't give to shits about you and I will NOT obey or listen to you!" I scream then slam my door in her face. I grab a pair of faded skinny jeans and a black tank top. I took me shower and washed my self with vanilla  shampoo, conditioner and bady wash. I get out, dried off then get dressed. I brush my hair into a high pont tail which ends at mid back then I spray a tiny bit of my red velvet perfume on.
       Then head down stairs to find the Alpha of the Starry Night pack with his mate and their son, Ben, who happens to be a best friend to my friends and me.
      "BEN!" I scream as I hug/tackle him.
      "Well hello to you to Artemis." He laughes out.
      "Alpha Lawson," I bow my head,"May I ask why you are all here?"
      "Artemis well you see we brought our pack here to train with yours." He explains but I know there is more.
      "Rogues attacking your pack?" I ask.
      "Yes" He says in shock. I nodd in reply then yell up to Kat and Marie.
      "GUYS GET DOWN HERE!" then you  hear them running down the steps and they did exactly what I did earlier making me laugh then all three of us pull Ben up the steps to my room then I run and grab three giant bags on skittles. Lets just say we had a full-blown skittle war.

~After the skittle war~

      Skittles are everywhere and guess who gets to clean it all up. Yep thats right, I do. I gather all of the skittles into a bucket then I put the bucket on my desk then I go and jump and land on all three of them. I'm rewarded with a with a loud 'OOMPH' from each of them. I smile innocently at them. Then suddenly Ben throws me me over his shoulder and is running then we near the pool then him slows down.
       "Ben! Im sorry! NO NO NO! Not the pool plea-" I'm cut off when I go underwater. Oh he is so dead. I climb out and push Ben into the water.
       When he resurfaces I say, "Payback is a bitch!" Then I sprint out of there like my life depended on it, which it kind-of does.
      "ARTEMIS YOU ARE SO DEAD!" Ben yelled from behind me.
     "YOUR FAULT! YOU PUSHED ME IN FIRST!" I scream back. I am tackled to the ground by Ben and he starts tickling me. "BEN. please. stop" I breathe out between laughs.
     "Say Ben is awesome!"
     "Ben... is.... awesome." Then the tickling stops. As I'm getting up I tell him, "Really? Ben is Awesome? That's best you've got?"
      "Shut up Art," he said with a chuckle.
      We head back and I make Ben give me a piggy back ride. When we got back Kat and Marie laughed at our muddy forms. Ben and I looked at eachother then gave a slight nod. We went on opposite sides of them then we ran had a group 'hug.'
      Kat and Marie shriek making Ben and I laugh. After we finshed we went and cleaned up. Kat, Marie and I change into sweatpants and tank tops, in different colors. Kat's is a bright sky blue, Marie's is a light purple and mine is midnight blue. We all decided to keep the triplet thing going and did high ponytails.
      We head down stairs and find Ben in a white v-neck and plaid pajama pants. "Hey Benny" We say and as we jump onto the couch then sit down. "Hey." He looks over and laughs. "Thank god you three arent identical!" He exclaims making all of us brust out laughing.
     "What movie should we watch?" I ask. "How about Ocoluse?"(A/N I probably spelled that wrong) Ben screams a yes while Kat and Marie look undeicided. "OCOLOSE IT IS!" I yell.
      By the end of the movie Kat AND   Marie are hiddening their faces in Bens chest while im laying down on the couch. "Guys the movie is over." I tell them and they sprint up to my room making Ben and I laugh our asses off.
     "Well I'm going to head upstairs and check on them. Night Benny." I say before heading upstairs. "Night Art!" He says as I'm f oing up the stairs.
      When I enter my room Kat and Marie are hiding behind Ghost in the corner of my bed. "Really guys? The movie was fake." I say then I close my door and find a note taped to it with a pictures of when I pushed Ben into the pool and when Ben and I got Marie and Kat all muddy and the last one being a picture of us watching the movie with me laughing at Kat and Marie's reaction.
     The note read, "The fun will end soon -The Hunter" spelled out in magazine letters just like the first one.
     "What are looking at?" Kat asks as she walks over then she gasps when she sees the notes and the pictures.
     "He was in your room!" she exclaims. I look closely at the note and I find a chip of blood red nail polish.
     "No Kat. SHE was in my room. The Hunter is actally a Hunteress." I says as I show her the note. Then another note is sent flying through my window. I pick it up and read it out loud. "This one says....."

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