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                   Clarke's POV

I'm running through the dark forest, the only light coming from the bright moon illuminating the large area. I run filled with fear, not exactly sure what I'm afraid of. All I know is I need to keep going.

A loud scream echoes behind me, I turn my head back but see nothing. When I face back forward I stop in my tracks, I'm cornered. There's a huge stone wall on every side but behind me. I turn around and see red glowing eyes floating in the air. I gasp as Mason comes into view. His body bloody, clothes ripped and eyes glowing red instead of his usual beautiful gold.

"You said you would never leave me." I cry out.

He throws his head back in laughter still floating in the air. Suddenly he jerks his head down looking harshly at me.

"I lied. It's a cruel world out there sweetheart." Blood began to drip out of his mouth causing me to sob.

Something suddenly grabs my shoulders from behind I scream and turn to see a stark white man with eyes black as night, not just the center, the entire eye. He opens his mouth to speak, voice deep and demonic.

"Follow me, soon comes the reaping."

I sit up crying out, breathing heavily. A dream, it was a dream. I've been having these nightmares since Mason has been gone. It's been a week. I woke up the morning he was supposed to come back to find that he didn't. I cried the entire day.

I jump when my door slowly opens. I see a head full of blonde hair pop in "hey are you alri- oh sweetheart." Oliver coos walking in. He sits down beside my shaking form hugging me to his chest while I just sob.

He pets my hair shushing me. "Another bad dream?" I nod through my sniffling, trying to calm myself down. "Hey," he cups my cheeks, lifting my head then continues wiping my tears with the pads of his thumbs. "It's alright, you're fine. I'm here okay? Don't cry." He hugs me rocking us back and forth.

After I calm down I pull away sending Oliver a small smile. "There she is." He grins cupping my right cheek.

I blush and look down. "I'm sorry I woke you up." Oliver shakes his head frowning. "You didn't, I was downstairs having coffee, care to join me?" He offers with a smile.

I nod standing from my bed. I had no idea it was already six am. Mom should be up in an hour. When I was at the hospital she was working overtime and apparently just "made sure Oliver took good care of me". I'm starting to think she wouldn't care if I jumped off a bridge. What am I thinking, of course she would, she's a great mother I'm just stressed out.

And hurt.

I can't blame Mason, I really can't. If I had the chance to get away from me I'd take it. I guess this just helps with the problem I was dealing with anyways. Even though Mason isn't guarding me anymore I still have someone who is.

My 'rescuer' has been making it very apparent that he is making sure I'm safe. Honestly, I'm not scared of him anymore. I'm actually very appreciative that he is doing this for me, especially right now.

I texted him a couple nights ago, since it's the only way to communicate with him. I typed out a simple "Thank you."

"Creamer?" Oliver holds up the hazelnut bottle quirking up an eyebrow.

"Yes please." I yawn.

Over the last week both Dylan and Oliver have been over protective. I can't go anywhere by myself. When Victor heard what happened he freaked out and punched the wall, then walked over and pulled me close to his chest. All I can say is I'm lucky to have these people who care about my wellbeing.

I sigh resting my cheek on my hand.

I miss Mason.


After arriving home from school I make my way upstairs to my room. When I open the door I immediately spot a note lying on my bed. I close my door and walk over picking it up, eager to see what he has to say.

My beautiful flower,

I know that I've told you this already, but when those disgusting men put their hands on you I had to restrain myself from ending their pathetic existence. I also had to restrain myself from taking you with me that night. When I held you, felt you, when I could smell your intoxicating scent, it was hard not to take you home and never let you go. But I wanted this to happen without you being afraid of me, I knew if I took you then you would be scared. And rightly so. That is why I write this letter to you now, I would like to meet you. Now keep in mind my sweet that if you don't show up I will understand completely, but if you so choose I will be awaiting your arrival at the abandoned playground on fifth at six pm tonight. I want to see you again, I NEED to see you again. Everyday life is much too hard without you here beside me. Never forget that I love you darling, never.

With an aching heart
Your lover

I lay the letter down dazed. Should I go? Do I want to go? Is this even safe?

I look over at the clock which reads 5:46. I purse my lips, grabbing my jacket and walk out the door.

I need to know who this is.


Mason's POV

I sit in the courtroom waiting for my trial to start. You'd think the place known for being perfect would find a better way to settle things but nope, they go for court just like mortals.

"All rise." The elderly judge walks in and motions for us all to sit down.

"This case concerns a guardian who fell in love with a mortal sir." A small man told the judge while handing him his paperwork. The judge gave him a weird look, then moved his gaze to me.

I gulped feeling nervous. I need to get back to my angel.

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