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The next two weeks passed without much incident. 

Leanna slipped into a comfortable routine as the pack Luna, helping to make breakfast with the help of a few other pack members. Afterwards she would use an extra office to conduct her own business which was to hear complaints and do her best to solve them which Vincent was away on patrol.

On days he was there she spent the time walking around the land, helping children, speaking to the pack members, and at her parents' house, checking on Zachary. 

A few days after the incident with rogues, she'd approached Vincent with the idea of disbanding the Omegas or, at the very least, giving them proper rooms and training, schooling, and, above all else, stopping the abuse they'd been enduring.

It was still a work in progress but she'd managed to get them better rooms. The schooling and training was a whole other ordeal but she'd found a way around that.

At the end of the night she'd shower, eat dinner, and rest in her room, where she'd fall asleep long before he came upstairs and woke long after he was gone.

Her wolf had been whining for days to see their mate and though she craved to see him as well, she knew better than to interrupt pack business.

Which brought her to that afternoon where, on the rare occasion she wasn't busy, she'd chosen to explore the rest of the house and had made it downstairs to the basement after checking that Rick was nowhere in sight.

The basement had been converted into cells and expanded upon to house more rogues that were captured and taken in for questioning.

And what she'd seen..

Leanna shuddered and approached on of the guards at the edge of the forest, whose name was Henry.

"Where's Vincent?" she asked kindly, smiling as sweetly as she could.

"Alpha Vincent is very busy today," he responded, looking at her with a passive face.

"Even if it's urgent matters from the Luna?" she questioned, feeling queasy at using her status to force an answer from him.

She saw him tense, his eyebrows furrowing. No one disobeyed the Luna, or at least, most didn't. But no one disobeyed the Alpha.

"Luna, we're under strict orders not to reveal anything," he swallowed nervously.

"I won't be a bother. I merely have some a message for him. Nothing dangerous," she told him, her tone sincere.

He hesitated before speaking, "I can't give out the location. But I can pass the message along."

She sighed softly, resigning herself to telling him, "Just tell him we have something very serious to talk about. Something that I feel he and I need to discuss in detail."

He nodded, a strange look settling upon his features as he stepped back and fixed his eyes on the woods.

"Beta," he stated respectfully, and Leanna glanced up, Rick stepping out from the shadows of the trees.

Rick acknowledged the guard with a nod of his head and directed his dark eyes to Leanna, a curious expression on his face.

"Luna, how very odd to see you out here," he remarked, approaching her slowly.

She shifted around, feeling much like a prey stalked by a predator.

"Yes, well, I have to speak to the Alpha. But as he appears to be busy, Henry here will deliver my message," she stated, lifting her chin, her wolf growling inside.

Rick laughed, walking closer. "No need to bother the guards, Luna. Come, I'll take you to the Alpha myself."

An empty feeling settled into the pit of her stomach and she took a step back. 

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