Chapter Forty - Final

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Love is not your savior. Love is the luxury after you save yourself. I couldn't remember where I read that quote but I couldn't agree more. Love had always been treated like a fairy dust that would magically make everything okay but it's usually not like that. You have to save yourself to be able to love fully. You have to be your knight in shining armor because there's not a person in this world who could have control over your life other than yourself. Gold needs to be refined in the fire in order to purify it. I think love's like that. It needed to be purified by fire in order to give pure love. 

I had found and given the purest form of love through my children. Callum left behind four beautiful sons with me. It was a surprise when I found out I was pregnant with not only one or two boys but three. It may have been Callum's way of keeping his promise to Arthur that they would someday make a band like The Beatles.

Montgomery Francois, Bradley Francois, and Sidney Francois just turned four today. Each of them had different personalities. 

Si Monty, the first one who came out of the three, was a bit bossy because he knew siya ang panganay sa kanilang tatlo. He was the one who looked the most like Callum than any of his siblings. From his dark hair, his beautifully dark eyes, to his nose and lips. Monty was the mini version of Callum.

Brad followed after Monty. Siya ang pinaka magaling mang-asar sa tatlo. He had Callum's playful side. He loved making fun of his siblings and pulling off pranks kaya madalas mag-away ang tatlo. Oh well, boys will always be boys. 

Si Sid naman ang bunso sa kanilang tatlo. He was the only one who had my blonde hair and he was the smallest of the three. He kind of comes off as the underdog. He's a fragile little one and the one who cries the most when Monty and Brad gangs up on him. 

Arthur had been nothing short of a great Kuya to them. He was always there to help me throughout my whole pregnancy. My pregnancy was not a walk in the park. I had a lot of complications because it was a multiple pregnancy. Hindi lang dalawa ang nasa tiyan ko kung hindi tatlo. And Arthur would always be there to comfort me and sing me songs. Sabi ng doktor sa akin pagkatapos ko manganak, hindi na ako pwedeng magbuntis ulit. The doctor said if I get pregnant again, I could die from it. 

"Daddy!" The triplets eagerly stood up from their seats when they heard the front door open. 

I just chuckled quietly and shook my head as I watched the three boys. Arthur sat next to me, eating his dinner while writing his next song. 

"Art, mamaya na yan. Kumain ka muna." I told him.

He took a bite of his hotdog and chewed it. He'd grown into a wonderful young man. At eight years old, he was already making his own songs. He still kept the guitar his Dr. Daddy gave to him. Hindi pa rin natatanggal ang inukit nilang stick figure doon. He had a handful of guitars given to him but his Dr. Daddy's guitar would always remain his favorite. 

"But I need to get it done because we're going to sing it at the party later." Sagot niya.

"Do it after your finish with your breakfast." Sabi ko sa kanya.

"Okay..." He said and lifted his spoon and fork up. 

Hindi ko napigilan ang sarili kong panggigilan siya. I pulled him to me and inhaled in his hair. He still smelled like a baby.

"Mom..." He laughed a playfully laughed.

"You'll always be my first baby! Huwag ka munang lalaki, please!" Sabi ko sa kanya habang pinauulanan ko siya ng halik. 

"I'm not a baby anymore." He chuckled.

"Yes, you still are! You are my first baby! Kahit gaano ka katanda, baby ka pa rin ni Mommy." I told him.

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