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Clarke's POV

I hike my leg out the window, grabbing onto the tree branch conveniently placed just out side. I make my way down the tree falling to the ground with a quiet oomph.

I look around to make sure no one sees me before running into the woods behind our house. I look up at the bright moon illuminating the dark forest, tiny stars accompanying the bright orb.

After.. dad, dropped me off I snuck back in avoiding unwanted questions and acted like I was there the whole time. Oliver was skeptical but let it go. I haven't told anyone about our meet up yet, I'm still trying to process it. He told me to take as long as I needed, and I am.

To be honest I'm really hurt. I can't believe mom would do that to me, I will be bringing it up soon, probably tomorrow. I go 'hang out with friends' everyday. In reality I'm sitting at a coffee shop catching up with my dad.

He's changed a lot, for the better. I can honestly say I'm glad he's back in my life.

Leaves crunch beneath my boots as I come across the place I was heading. I sit down and lean against a tree thinking about what had happened at this very spot.

This is where I saw Mason for the first time in years. I remember that night very vividly, when I said his name his body reacted. His eyes dilated, heart rate increased and his arms only clutched me tighter.

I look down at my hand when I feel something hit it, a tear. I didn't even realize I was crying. I miss him so much, his embrace, his warmth, his gorgeous golden eyes. The way he would hold he while I slept, unconsciously pulling me closer while mumbling incoherent thoughts. The way he would just sit and stare at me for no reason, and when I would ask about it he would just smile and say how beautiful he thought I was. I miss the way he would comfort me, how when I could feel an anxiety attack come he would immediately be there to calm me down and make sure I knew I was safe.

I miss everything about him, I just miss him.


Buff arms wrap around my waist while I'm digging in my locker, I spin around to see a grinning Victor.

"Hey." I smile hugging him back. "How's little Clarke?" He takes my books from my arms while we walk down the hall.

"Good." I lie.

Dylan runs up from behind punching Victor in the shoulder. "Shit, man!" Victor holds the spot that was assaulted while Dylan gives him a strict look.

"No cursing in front of the little pumpkin." He scolds ruffling my hair.

"I'm sorry Clarke." Victor apologizes before glaring playfully at Dylan "don't punch me again Johnson." Dylan rolls his eyes making a talking motion with his hand. Victor punches his arm. "ouch!"

"See? Hurts doesn't it?" He chuckles.

I sigh walking ahead of their banter into the classroom. I'm just glad they're getting along now.

"Good morning miss Archer!"
Mr. Smith chirps. I nod shyly at him before taking my seat in the back. Tweedle dee and tweedle dumb aren't far behind me. Victor sits beside me while Dylan sits in front of us.

I look up to see Mr. Smiths eyes trained on me, he has a strange look on his face and I'm not sure what he's looking at. I tilt my head and he looks away.

Well that was strange.


I decided I'm ready to confront my mother about dad. I asked him to come over early this morning so we could catch her before she goes to work. I know that may seem like a bad time but she isn't available any other time, like I've said before, workaholic.

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