Chapter 4

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8/25/17 Friday!!! YAASS! What better way to introduce the weekend than with another chapter :D 

Chapter 4

Master Aleksandar isn't picky. He eats a little from everything on his plate. He responds only when spoken to, very unlike Master Niles sitting next to him.

The quiet one with the short dirty blonde hair is Master Liam. He doesn't talk much, but smiles when everyone does. They usually smile when Master Niles says something. It must be a funny comment since the maids next to me are smiling too.

Finally, the one sitting to the left of my master is Lord Perrot. I hear Morwenna call him that. He is the only one with dark hair and is left-handed. He has been playing with his food for a while now, separating the blueberries from the strawberries from the sliced up orange peels. When there are three separate piles, he begins picking up the thin orange peels with his fork and dumping them into into his untouched bowl of oatmeal. He seems to like strawberries for he eats them while half-listening and half transferring the orange. When both the red and orange piles disappear, he stares indifferently at the blue pile. With his fork, he rolls out the biggest blueberry and slowly squashes it with his fork. He looks the most entertained when the round shape explodes and the juice squirts out. I think he is trying to aim it at my master.

"Lucien," Master calls him, "don't play with your food."

"But I don't like blueberries," Master Lucien responds as he squishes another one. "The juice tastes funny."

"Speaking of juice, I'm thirsty," Master Niles exclaims. Seeing Adrian move, he adds, "Let Alek's new toys bring me drink." A teasing smile appears on his pale face as his green eyes tease a glint of gold.

Master Niles does not sit still as I fill his glass with fresh blood that obviously comes from a different source than the one the servants drink. He seems to be staring at me.

"Poor girl. Are you thirsty too?" Master Niles laughs as he twirls his glass in my direction. It doesn't seem he is expecting an answer so I go to pour into Master Liam's glass next. When I get around to Master Aleksandar and Lucien, they request wine which Morwenna brings out. I return to my original position afterwards.

Master Niles looks around when he has nothing to talk about. And this time, he points at me.

"I can't believe your eyes are still red," he says in exaggerated surprise. "Does Alek not feed you?"

The girl next to me giggles. I wonder why.

"No. I can eat by myself."

The other girls laugh too this time. I still don't understand why.

"You dare talk back to your master?" It is Master Liam who speaks this time. His fangs are showing. Should I refill his glass?

"No. I only answer."

Then Master Niles lets out a sudden gasp. He seems to be enlightened about something before jumping out of his seat.

"You're a Disabled?!?"

If Master calls me that, then I must be, so I nod. Master Niles turns to face me, fascination written all over his face.

"I've never been so close to one before. But then again, you probably haven't been so close to so many high nobles either." He leans closer to me. Master Niles looks in his teens with his light blonde hair tied into a short tail. "" he sounds out slowly.

I debate whether to answer him since he is walking away laughing. He tells Master Liam that I probably don't understand anyways. I take a quick glance at Master who continues to eat like nothing has happened. Master Lucien looks up briefly as well, but goes back to his blueberry mutilating.

"You have so many options, why keep a Disabled?" Master Liam direct towards Master. "Unless..." he grins at his neighbor vampire.

"Kinky..." Master Niles snickers as he plops a grape into his mouth. This gets the usually unresponsive Master Lucien to chuckle as well.

Unfortunately, I still do not understand noble talk.

"Leave her be," Master Aleksandar finally says, sending silence through the room.

Morwenna signals me to refill the masters' cups so I do. This time is much easier since Master Niles is sitting still, but he stares at me like a human kid in an animal zoo.

After I carefully fill Master Liam's glass, he holds it out and lets go. I catch the glass before it even drops half way to the floor, but let it go when Morwenna shakes her head, slight panic apparent on her face. The glass shatters into shards and the fresh blood spills across the marble floors. I wonder why he wants to drop it.

Master Liam slants his eyes at me. "How clumsy. You just wasted a perfectly fine cup of blood."

London hurries forward with a towel, but Master Liam holds his hand up to stop him. "Let her." London hands me the towel, but Master Liam shakes his head. "Drink it."

"I understand," I reply before getting down on my knees. With one hand, I hold my hair as I lower my head and drink from the puddle.

The maids shift uncomfortably. Maybe they are hungry. London, who's still holding the towel, doesn't look too happy either as he stands back to the sides. Perhaps he liked the cup.

"She actually did it!" Master Liam exclaims with joy after I take my first gulp.

Though it's hard to learn much about him because he doesn't talk much, I now know that Master Liam does not like to waste. He is so passionate about it that his eyes are still glowing.

I hear Master Niles laugh emptily without the usual life as I continue to drink from the floor. I did not look up, but I wonder why Master Lucien stopped playing with his blueberries and actually put one in his mouth. Master Aleksandar gets up from his seat.

"When you're done Evelyn, find me in my study," his voice is lower than earlier.

He sees me nod and walks out. Master does not bid his friends farewell. It must be because they are very close.  


A/N2 :So, what do you think of Evelyn?

If she sounds apathetic to a lot of things, you're reading her right. Many of the descriptions are based on her perspective so some things are explained from how she thinks it is when in reality, it's not.  But at the same time, she feels much more than she thinks and I hope to get that across as her character develops.  And again, if you liked this, please comment or vote!!

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