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it has been a year and probably a half since doyeon finally agreed on moving in with youngmin after many attempts that youngmin did with some help from her friends and donghyun to lure her.

however, for the first few months, it was quite a chaos and it made youngmin ever asked himself if he did the right thing for asking her to move in with him or not.

at first, doyeon couldn't stand his snore to an extent where she'd kick his leg lightly to stop him from snoring and youngmin would turn off the lights as the revenge since doyeon sleeps with the lights on. — another case, youngmin forgot to lift up the toilet and doyeon would scold him about that. but then, doyeon often used almost all the warm water, leaving him with the cold water.

living together was hard for them for the first few months. the differences that they have was the problem, but with that, they also learned about each other more and accepted the differences between them. – even though, some fights happened when doyeon is being sensitive and scarier for a week or so and youngmin is too clueless about it.

"and at this rate, you two should just get married and have a kid. you're old enough anyway." doyeon raised her eyebrows at yoojung before shaking her head as she put her drink down.

when are you going to get married? a question that her mother and also his mother often asked it to her either on the phone or face to face – and most of the time, doyeon could only shrug her shoulder with an awkward smile on her face.

of course, the couple sometimes talks about it. most of their friends were already sending out some invitations to their apartment and the last time they talked about it, youngmin told her to wait a little bit more as he worked his ass extra more to get some money for them later.

"we're good now. no need to hurry." she replied, "anyway, don't you think this place is quite smelly? or is it just me?"

yoojung shook her head for the response, sipping her drink while looking at the meat that being grilled by doyeon then at her, who was covering her nose as she grilled, which is a weird sight since doyeon loves meat. seemingly more than she loves youngmin.

"ya, you okay? you're acting weird now."

"to be honest, not really. i've been feeling unwell lately." she rubbed her temple and sighed, "and also quite sensitive that i even snapped at youngmin today just because his perfume smelled so strong."

yoojung placed her chopsticks down and pointed a finger at her. "you're not pregnant. aren't you?"

she choked on her drink at the question from yoojung. she looked at her friend with a funny look then she remembered that she hasn't got her period since around two months ago. but that should be normal — or not.

youngmin was already laying his tall body on the couch while watching the drama on the television when she walked into their apartment.

doyeon placed her bag on the table before she flopped on top of him without saying anything and just buried her face on his shoulder when she felt his arms wrapped around her securely.

after yoojung asked about her being pregnant, she couldn't help but think about it and some thoughts are making her feel anxious. she wasn't ready and youngmin might not as well – oh heck, she believes, he wasn't ready at all.

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