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I feel hot breath running down my neck causing a shiver to run down my spine. Dominique's muscular body presses up against the back of mine pressing me into the desk.

"Did you figure it out my sweet?"


I stand frozen in shock.

Dominique? He's old enough to be my dad!

"What are you thinking little one?" He murmurs burying his nose in my hair.

"I-I do-" I stutter trying to find the right words to say. "You're old enough to be m-my father."

A deep chuckle is heard in my hair as he places his hands on my hips. "Does that bother you? Because it most certainly doesn't bother me." He wraps his arm around my waist pulling me even closer.

I turn around in his hold now looking into his dilated eyes. "You haven't known me that long..." I state more like a question.

He yet again chuckles, tucking hair behind my ear.

"Well my sweet, you see, I have known you much longer than you think. We both, have known each other for quite a while." He smiles running his fingertips down my jaw, underneath my chin.

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. "Remember in kindergarten when you made a 'friend where you least expected'?"

No. This can't be. That explains why he looked slightly familiar the first time we met, or what I thought was the first time we met.

My kindergarten teacher who I made friends with is in love with me? This is beyond crazy.

Dominique runs his nose up my cheek "do you remember me flower?"

"Y-yes." He chuckles grabbing a piece of hair up to his nose inhaling. "Oh baby." He moans "you have no idea how much I missed your scent." He starts breathing heavily.

"When you were over here with Victor and I sat beside you to watch a movie I had to try so hard not to take you right then and there, claim you as mine. Mine." He growls picking me up and carrying me away.

I start to panic "S-sir where a-are you taking me?" I squeak out.

He looks down into my eyes, his now black "I'm going to do what I've been waiting for too damn long." He kicks open a door to what appears to be his bedroom. I yelp as he lets me down on the bed. He lays his huge muscular body on top of my tiny one, making sure to keep his weight off.

"I love you, I love you so much." He rushes out cupping my face into his large hands. He leans down to kiss me.

No! I can't let him steal my first actual kiss!!  My subconscious screams at me.

I turn my head to the side causing his lips to collide with my neck, but he doesn't seem to mind. He sucks harshly at the tender flesh of my neck, nipping and biting.

He reaches down to my knees prying them apart and wrapping my legs around his torso. He lets out a strangled groan when he rolls his hips against mine.

I have to stop this.

"S-sir can you p-please stop." I whimper out. This only seems to entice him further. He moans really loud grinding even harsher against me. I push against his chest but he grabs my wrists pinning them above my head with one hand.

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