Chapter 17

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Ah, Paris. The smell of the local pastry shop right next to my leased apartment drifted into my room every morning. In my book, that's the best way to wake up. Only because I don't have a boyfriend to wake up to!!

Opening my eyes, I smiled to myself. It's already been 3 months since I've been here. At first it was absolutely difficult. All the way from JFK to CDG I wept like a baby. After sending the email. I immediately deactivated the account. I didn't wait for his reply.

It was like pulling off a plaster quickly. The pain stung but it was necessary to do it. To speed the healing process.

Rolling off the bed, I did what I always did in the morning when I woke up here. Pulling on a jacket I went into the kitchen to pour me a cup of coffee, and went to the balcony that was in my room. The sky was still dark, the Eiffel Tower was beautifully lit in the distance.

"I'll never get tired of this." I said to myself softly. After I drained my coffee, I took a nice shower and got ready for the day's class. Today was actually the last day of class and after this, we would be placed in actual restaurants to work there.

The apartment I was currently staying in was nothing like how my home back in NY was. This was much smaller in size but it was well furnished and it had a very home feeling. The land lady did a lovely job decorating it. 

"Today, ze names will be posted on ze board. Work starts zomorrow, and be on time! We Parisians hate late comers. Understand?" our head chef told us in a thick French accent. Actually, it was the first time he spoke in English. The other times were all French.

"Where do you think you'd get to work at?" Marcus asked me

He was a pretty cute French guy. Actually, he was the only one who talked to me the others were just so competitive. 

"I'm hoping for Astrance. It's very closer to where I stay.. and also it has a spectacular view of Madame Eiffel Tower." I smiled

"Ah Oui, Astrance is my top choice as well. Maybe we will work together no?" he smiled at me

Damn these French men and their faces. Handsome faces, amazing smiles. Marcus was what I considered the boy next door. His dark brown hair and electric blue eyes made me melt. When I first met him, I discretely took a picture of him and sent it to Claire, Bree and Jon through our group message.

They didn't find him to be attractive. I guess because he was not the usual kind of pretty boy most people preferred. Marcus was the guy who'd make you laugh and be there for you when times got rough.

He led the way to the common area where people were crowding around to see where they would be placed. Thankfully, the names were separated according to alphabets. Momentarily, Marcus and I split up. I stood in line for "K" and withing seconds, I was scanning for my name.

Then I see it and couldn't have felt happier. Stepping out of the line, I wait for Marcus and he comes to me "I GOT IT!! I got Astrance!" I squealed

"I got it too!" we hugged and it felt... good.

Realizing that we were hugging a little too long, we pulled apart awkwardly. Marcus talked to some other students and introduced them to me as well. Turns out, only the two of us were picked to go to Astrance which was very highly ranked.

"So we are going to the pub tonight. Will you come?" he asked nervously

"You want me to?" I replied coyly

"Yes, yes. Most definitely." he laughed rubbing his neck nervously

"Sure, just send me the address. You have my number right?"

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