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Warning. This chapter involves self harm and attempts at suicide. If either one of those bothers you I would recommend you not read this chapter. Thank you.

I sing alone to the melodic song in the empty house while popping a bag of popcorn.

When I woke up at Victor's house the other day I forgot everything that had happened momentarily and then kicked Victor in the groin when I heard him groan. Needless to say I was very apologetic.

He took it very well saying it's good my first instinct was to attack whoever was near. Typical Victor.

Me and him stayed in his house for the whole day watching movies. We sat side by side on his bed with enough space between us for another person. But every few minutes he would scoot a little closer, until he was right up against me. He eventually grabbed me by me waist and pulled me to sit in between his legs and aggressively cuddled me from behind, when I gave him a questioning look he explained that he was simply cold. I can't say he's wrong, this freezing rain has been going on the past three days, and it's still raining.

After I finally returned home I tried tip toeing up to my room but upon entering I found a distressed looking Oliver just standing there, in the middle of my room. The door squeaked when I opened it causing him to turn around, hair disheveled with dark circles under his eyes.

"Clarke." He cried out enveloping me in his arms. Dry sobs racked through his body as he tried to grab ahold of any part of me he could. "Oh I was so worried." He patted my hair placing his face in my neck. "I didn't know where you were a-and you wouldn't answer your phone." He rambled on hugging me even tighter.

He called mom and told her I came back so she took the rest of the day off to come home.

When she arrived we had a 'family meeting'. She tried to explain that she didn't want to tell me about dad because he would be a "bad influence" on me. I couldn't seem to convey to her that it was my decision. And that she also didn't even give him a chance, he's a new man. A better man.

A better parent.

Then she explained to me that she had an important business meeting to attend, and that she was also taking Oliver with her. This was news to him as well. It was obvious on his face he didn't want to go, something about the way he was acting told me he wanted to stay with me, but I don't know.

I thought for awhile that mom had been changing for the better but I was wrong. She's still the same woman as before.

So here I am at home alone for a week. I sit on the couch and put in my favorite show, Psych. It's not a popular one but hey, neither am I.

I close my eyes for a moment just enjoying the situation I'm in, fuzzy pajamas, rainy night, coffee accompanied by popcorn and my favorite show. What else could a girl ask for?

Mason. My subconscious reminds me. I hit my head trying to forget him. He obviously didn't want me so I need to move on. I hear a knock at the door and panic. The last time I opened the door this late at night while alone was when I got one of my first creepy letters.

I slowly stand up and approach the door, I unlock the locks and open the door just a bit. I gasp when I see Dominique and immediately try to shut the door. I've been avoiding him since the incident. I don't know what on earth came over me that made me feel safe that he was watching me all the time, I think it was just me missing having Mason do that.

I try to shut the door but it swings open without him even touching it. He smiles brightly at me stepping in the house, the door shuts behind him. I stand there in shock with my mouth wide open, eyebrows furrowed.

"How did you do that?!" I screech. Dominique chuckles walking closer, "Pretty boy wasn't the only supernatural being in your life dear." I gasp wide eyed taking a step back, "So you're an angel too?"

A deep laugh resounds in front of me as Dominique grasps my waist pulling me to his chest while I struggle in his hold. "No my sweet," he leans down to whisper in my ear, "I'm a demon."

I gasp pushing at his chest, "W-what about Victor?" I whimper. Not Victor, he's the sweetest thing he can't be a demon.

"Oh no, he's not a demon. I adopted him when he was an infant. He still has no idea." Dominique chuckles.

He leans down smelling my hair and moans, "I came to take you away, now that you know of my undying love for you we shall run away and live together. And once I mate you, you will be immortal as I am. And I plan on doing that very soon." He growls the last part grabbing my butt.

I reach up and kick his groin, while he recovers I run upstairs into my room and lock the door. I stand with my hand covering my mouth muffling the sobs. I can't get away. Once he takes me forcibly and mates me apparently I won't even be able to even die and escape him. This is my only chance, I've lived a good life thanks to my beautiful angel Mason.

I rush over to my desk as I hear Dominique start to regain his strength downstairs. I quickly grab my pencil sharpener and unscrew it retreaving the blade. I hear shattering glass and what sounds like furniture being thrown and then heavy footsteps run up the stairs. I sit in the floor rolling up my sleeve.

I ghost the blade over my wrist thinking about all the good times, when Mason helped me with starting school. Every night when he would hold me close to ensure I was safe and warm. When he would run his fingers through my hair. How he would make sure I remained unharmed and happy. How he guarded me even when I didn't know he was there. The way we would laugh, cry, love.

He was the only person in my life who has shown me real love.

But each of us had a different love, and because of that I am in this situation, if I knew there was even the smallest chance he would come back and save me I would hold out. But without him it's not worth it. I hear the doorknob turn and I immediately slit my wrist as deep and as hard as I can. I cry out falling backwards.

A painful smile graces my face as in my last moments I see my angel, in all his glory. I reach my hand out for him to take which he does.

I know he's not real but I can enjoy my last moments. My eyes flutter as I hear my name being called. I feel week and tired, but at the same time like everything's going to be okay. I look up to see Mason's beautiful face above mine and smile.

"I love you Mason." I whisper then instantly I'm out.

Le feels yet again

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